R&D and outlook

In working towards the future, the Covéa group draws on its R&D expertise as well as the originality of its approach and the partnerships it has formed.

Stimulating innovation

At Covéa, R&D plays a major role in stimulating innovation. The Digital Innovation centre provides intelligence on emerging trends in new technologies or new blockchain1 applications, artificial intelligence, robotics, etc., analysing their potential operational impacts on the insurance sector and assisting in the testing carried out to validate their possibilities.

An active player in open innovation, its role is also to unearth hidden gems by increasing the number of contacts and partnerships within the start-up ecosystem, particularly French and local ones and those incorporating the mutualist values inherent in our Group.


1 Data storage and transmission technology

Assurtech and new mobilities

Thierry Crahes, Covéa Affinity Director and Bruno Lacoste-Badie, Marketing and Communications Director at MAAF, head respectively "Le Mans Tech" and "Niort Tech". They introduce these two boosting start-ups in the digital area, and more specifically in the assurtech field.

Connected cars and customers as testers

Covéa has launched a large scale field experiment on connected cars. This experiment aims to recruit 10 000 customers at MAAF and GMF who will plug a housing recording driving data in their cars.

Thanks to sensors and a mobile connection, each housing will send data describing driving behaviors based on four criteria: attention, anticipation, caution and adaptability.

The Group relies on this experiment to learn how to use new driving indicators and to assess their impact on claims. Our customers-testers’ recruitment has begun by mid-2017. At the end of 2017, 6 500 participants had already connected their casing.

Unusual partnerships

In order to successfully complete certain projects requiring complementary skills, a business must form partnerships. Covéa has formed unusual relationships in this respect.

Our Group is the first insurer to form a partnership with a Technological Research Institute (TRI): SystemX, the digital transformation TRI on the Paris-Saclay campus, with its “Blockchain for Smart Transactions” (BST) project. Our aim is to share our customer experiences and test our particular applications, especially in the motor and home insurance field. Covéa has adopted this new technology with the objective of identifying and evaluating potential blockchain applications, optimising its management processes and exploring new products and services involving digital trust. This is a highly original approach, being both multi-sectoral and complementary.

The Group has also formed a partnership with the Tech Care Paris innovation platform to offer e-healthcare startups hosting, training and links with manufacturers and healthcare economic stakeholders in France and internationally. As a member, Covéa’s aim is to encourage the birth of high-potential French startups by providing its market knowledge and experience.

Focus on « Blockchain for Smart Transactions » (BST) project

Last April, Covéa joined the “Blockchain for Smart Transactions” (BST) project launched by the SystemX Technical Research Institute, contributing its customer experience expertise and testing its particular applications especially in the motor and home insurance fields.

This is the first assessment of this partnership with Bruno Garçon and Antoine Dalmières, the BST project managers at Covéa.


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