Increasing our initiatives

We rely on the latest advances in new technologies to combine responsibility with solidarity, proposing human and practical services that protect and simplify the lives of our policyholders.

CovéaLink, technology helping to serve emotional needs

Launched in 2016, CovéaLink offers its hospitalised or disabled policyholders the assistance of a robotised machine free of charge.

This robot, which is equipped with a display, video camera and microphone at eye level, is a mobile telepresence device that can be remotely controlled via a tablet. Cleverly combining WiFi with robotics, this connected display is not merely a video call device. Its mobility enables the immobile to continue to move remotely and thereby maintain a real-time social link with their family, friends or even their working environment, in order to improve their quality of life.

CovéaLink can adapt to many situations and pathologies: a child obliged to stay in their room can continue to follow lessons, a disabled person can play an active role in a business, etc. Its installation is the work of a team including a doctor, occupational therapist and legal counsel as well as others. CovéaLink does not replace a human presence, it makes it even more effective.

« This simple connected display enabled me to contact my parents whenever I wanted. It helped me most whenever I had the blues – I could “go home” and feel a little less alone in my hospital room. » Charles, a CovéaLink user.

CovéaLink in pictures

Climate risk management: unique predictive tools

Covéa has developed a range of risk management tools unique in the market and representing a benchmark in fire, accident and sundry risk engineering.

  • Coventéo : meteorological sensitivity management in fire, accident and sundry risk insurance and assistance. With its data fed by our internal meteorologists, Coventéo can be used to anticipate natural events (gales, floods, cold waves, hurricanes, heat waves, etc.) and trigger the appropriate measures in order to come to the assistance of our policyholders. Coventéo can also be used to warn customers by SMS before an event occurs and set up simple yet effective preventive advice.
  • Covisiomap: Covéa exposure analytical and management tools
    It provides all potential risks for a given address when an insurance policy is taken out, thereby improving prevention and ensuring appropriate prices.

Improving your independence

Covéa has developed a range of services offering customers the best possible assistance while their claim is being handled. In the event of a material motor or home insurance claim, this service, which is implemented in the “MAAF et Moi” (“MAAF and I”) application, enables policyholders to be informed of their claim’s progress in real time, contact their claims advisor, consult all of their written exchanges and view their vehicle’s repairs. Thanks to this personalised digital claim tracking system, the Group received the Argus award in the “Digital innovation for compensation” category in 2016.

Policyholders can now be warned immediately in the event of an attempted break-in, fire outbreak, flooding, etc. and so take the necessary measures – even when they are not at home. The pictures taken and alarms triggered by cameras or sensors fitted at home can be relayed to a smartphone when the emergency services are informed. This service, which is proposed in a partnership with Verisure, Europe’s leading telesurveillance company, was tested in 2016 with GMF policyholders who had been break-in or attempted break-in victims. In preventive terms, this is one of the first practical applications of the ‘connected home’ concept sure of a rosy future.

It will also no longer be necessary to leave your car immobile until it can be inspected by an expert at the garage. With the SelfCAR(e) mobile app, policyholders will soon be able to take standard photographs of their damage themselves. The photographs will then be sent to the approved repairer, who will assess the damage and validate the matter for repair.


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