Covéa Lab

The Covéa Lab internal think-tank invents intelligent services benefiting our policyholders.

Accelerating innovation

The Group has set up the Covéa Lab to assist and catalyse innovative projects. Both a think-tank and a participative approach, it assists internal testing in startup projects.

Each think-tank project is led by a two- or three-person team. Fostering testing for everyone’s benefit, and primarily that of our customers, the Lab provides a response to the major radical changes that will obligatorily affect our professions.

It has three ambitions :

  • Test the economic benefit of risky projects with the use of minimum resources and maximum agility.
  • Accelerate innovation for the customer.
  • Acculturate Covéa employees to new working methods.

As a result, the Covéa Lab’s work covers the short- to medium-term, is entirely customer-centric and addresses potential operational applications.

Covéa Lab in pictures

Developing ‘internal entrepreneurship’ in order to compete with the startups that now try to shake the major groups on their foundations: this is the Covéa Lab’s aim. Interview with those who make this internal startup studio live.

Cutting-edge approach and projects

Through the Lab, innovative ideas have been developed both for consumers and for businesses. Here are a few examples :

– The first service produced by the Lab and managed by MAAF, Internet users can use and trust the “”  website to consult the opinions of drivers and users when choosing their next car. The site proposes a wide range of car models and its opinions are 100% certified and written by MAAF policyholders, all effectively offering a “trust and tranquillity” guarantee.

– The result of a claim manager’s findings, “Noé” (Noah) simplifies the completion of the water damage claim form. This small app is filled in directly during the customer’s call and immediately produces a copy with 80% of the information already completed and sends it to the customer.

– The promise offered by the “” website: when purchasing a property, buyers using the site can be sure of paying a fair price and being protected against misrepresentation or losses. The website, which is now integrated into the GMF customer space, can be used to estimate the exact value of the desired property and the cost of the work it requires. It also provides valuable practical information on the local area.

“Coach AAC” is a mobile app designed to assist parents and children during accompanied driving. During the tuition, the application automatically fills in the ‘accompanied driving’ logbook and offers many driving tips. The app is so useful that driving schools in the CER network, which are GMF partners, have already stated their readiness to adopt it. Important stakes are involved: analysing the driving of “accompanied” young drivers in order to, ultimately, propose the best agreement for the best drivers once they have passed their test.

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