Mobilising all our talents

Covéa's teams help to boost the Group's growth daily. It is our responsibility to foster the conditions for these teams' fulfilment.

We are committed to...

Our employees are the key players and guarantors of our profitable, sustainable and shared development model. We want them to flourish in their specialisations and those specialisations to open as many doors as possible onto the wide variety of careers available within the Group.

We are convinced that this professional fulfilment is only possible if, with regard to our employees, we uphold a number of indispensable commitments:

  • Contributing to the sustainable development of human capital and talent management;
  • Maintaining two-way communication and dialogue at all levels;
  • Promoting fair pay and benefits and providing social protection;
  • Promoting diversity and equal opportunities;
  • Ensuring health and quality of life at work for our employees.

    Employees in control of their career path

    As part of “Cov’ergence”, the project to harmonise our human resources systems, we have introduced a new online tool for career and skills development. It enables employees to be in charge of their careers, develop their professional profile and record their mobility preferences. This service is available on the new, centralised human resources portal, “LIFEbox”.

    New learning methods

    Nearly 950 volunteers have participated in Codev, our joint-development initiative. This peer-to-peer coaching method provides an opportunity to review unsatisfactory or uncomfortable work situations to improve well-being and efficiency, using other people’s problems as a source of learning for everyone.

    Promoting digital acculturation

    Every year, the Group organises “Digital Days”, an event that encourages employees to get to know digital technology and discover the digital projects under way at Covéa and its brands.

    We have designed a digital pathway accessible to all our employees, of whom 12,400 have already obtained a digital passport certifying competence in e-health, new interfaces and connected objects. This training continues with a digital pathway involving collecting visas on the subjects of information 2.0 and connected employees and consumers.

    With “Tous DigiTalents”, we are continuing to ramp up digital acculturation by asking volunteer employees to individually support managers and directors to get them up to speed with digital technologies and help them promote our Group’s digital transformation.

    The Group also organised the “Covéa Data Challenge”, which brought together around 60 statisticians, actuaries, IT specialists, analysts, etc. for a modelling contest, with the aim of demystifying the profession and allowing our employees to adapt to the modelling culture in a professional, user-friendly context.

  • A dialogue shared by all

    A comprehensive and innovative internal communication system

    Covéa won an honorary award in the “2016 Grand Prix for Communication and Entreprise” for “One”,  its comprehensive, multi-channel internal communication system. One gives all our employees a coherent vision of Covéa’s construction and is used to publish complementary materials accessible to all, including “One magazine”, “Covéa Vox by One” (a weekly inhouse radio broadcast) and to rally support for the creation of “One Event” Group events.

    Relying on collective intelligence

    “Covéa Campus”, our corporate university, has launched its second season of inter-brand and inter-business line workshops, involving 240 employee volunteers who worked together on the following question: “How can we make Covéa a major asset for each of its brands? ”

    The objective of “Corus”, our corporate social network, is to promote cross-functionality and interaction between Covéa employees. It hosts 1,180 communities, receives an average of 120,000 visits per month and has 21,000 connected profiles.

  • Fairness and protection

    A new common status for all employees in France

    We have been working to develop a common status for all of our Group’s employees. The project aims to define a harmonised working environment adapted to the challenges and ambitions of our organisation, which employs more than 21,000 people in France, to ensure fairness, facilitate collaboration and foster employability within Covéa. This Group development will be a source of competitiveness and efficiency and benefit customers and employees alike.

    This ambitious project covers seven major themes:

    • health and protection;
    • working time;
    • pay;
    • incentive schemes, profit-sharing and employer contributions;
    • forward management of jobs and skills;
    • retirement;
    • the jobs reference base.
  • Diversity as an asset

    Fighting all forms of discrimination

    The Diversity Division was created in 2016 within the Covéa Career Development Department to place the promotion of diversity and equal opportunities and the fight against discrimination at the core of our Group’s human resources management. Our related actions focus on five major areas:

    • disabilities;
    • gender equality at work;
    • employment at all ages;
    • social initiatives;
    • trade union careers.

    We have designed a discrimination prevention plan and, on the occasion of our signing of the Diversity Charter and in line with the actions already undertaken in each of our brands over a number of years, will run an awareness-raising campaign targeting all of our employees, on all of our internal communications channels.

    Expression of our cooperative values

    We renewed our partnership with the “Nos Quartiers ont des Talents” (Our Neighbourhoods have Talents) association. In 2016, 43 employees promoted Covéa’s values through a mentoring initiative to help with the induction into work of young graduates in search of their first job.

    In 2016, we launched the “Covéa Solidarity Initiatives”. Throughout France, our sites organised food and cleaning product collections and held action days in local community food shops. Employee volunteers gave a day of their own time to participate in welfare activities and collectively promote our shared values.


    Seeking the right balance

    Covéa is a signatory of the Parenthood Charter, which formally recognises the fundamental importance of the balance between family life and work life as a way of ensuring better quality of life at work and a stronger performance for the company.

    We are attuned to the changes in society brought about by new technologies, and actively experiment with new ways of working. We seek balance for all as a means of promoting performance and quality of life at work for our employees.

    Practical solutions

    An example of this is the collaborative spaces that we have developed for project teams to work in, and our relaxation and mingling areas, such as work cafés.

    Lastly, to facilitate the balance between work life and personal life we have started to trial teleworking at MAAF, Fidélia and APJ. These entities implemented related agreements in 2016.


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