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Our primary responsibility is to ensure the company's sustainability by giving it solid financial foundations and offering competitive, high-quality services that earn the renewed confidence of our members and customers.

We are committed to...

Our goal of economic and responsible performance must benefit all stakeholders and the whole of society, with a view to shared progress. In terms of governance, it is what guided the selection of our priority commitments:

  • Promoting CSR in governance and business practice;
  • Proactively integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into our investment strategy;
  • Ensuring the protection of personal data and respect for private life;
  • Participating in the socio-economic development of territories.

    Compliance with our ethics charter

    We have published an ethics charter. This charter defines the requirements incumbent on us all, employees and members of control and management bodies alike.

    It sets out rules of personal conduct and underlines respect for other people, based on the principles of non-discrimination, respect for private life, non-harassment, and fair business conduct.

    It lays down rules of conduct in respect of confidentiality, compliance with internal procedures, the fight against fraud, prohibition of all forms of corruption and conflict of interest, combating money laundering and terrorist financing, and social and environmental responsibility.

    Lastly, it affirms the principle of data protection and sets out our commitments to our members, customers and stakeholders, partners, suppliers and third parties.

    The Group’s directors and management ensure that the guidelines laid down in this charter are disseminated, fully understood and applied.

    Covéa CSR Committee

    Since 2014, the Covéa CSR Committee, an executive management body, has validated our CSR guidelines and promoted and supported our CSR policy both within and outside the Group. It meets two or three times a year, and in 2017, it approved the CSR governance’s organisation.

    Our governance of risk management

    Covéa has strengthened the governance of its risk management in order to maintain a high level of financial solidity and to make every person responsible for risk management.

    To this end, we have set up a dedicated organisation composed of the risk management department, the permanent internal control department and the four key functions: risk management, actuarial, compliance and audit.


    In accordance with Article 173 of France’s Ecological and Energy Transition act (EET), we have published an ESG report. It details the carbon footprint of our financial and real estate investments as well as, in the interests of transparency, the associated non-financial risks.


    Protection of personal data

    “Responsible data” is the name and mission of the working group to which we have entrusted the responsible use of our members and customers’ personal data, where our standard exceeds the requirements of the European regulation on personal data protection and respect for private life.

    We have also designed a best practice guide, which was distributed to employees who work with customer data.

    Lastly, to inform our thinking on the subject, we have joined forces with six other companies: Bouygues Construction, Bouygues Telecom, EDF, Generali, Crédit Agricole and RTE. Following five joint workshops, we will publish a White Paper on responsible management and the protection of customers’ personal data.

    Our cybersecurity policy

    We have launched “CyberSafe” to inform our employees about cybersecurity, which is part and parcel of the digital transformation.

    Through this programme we disseminate digital advice, awareness-raising films, a serious game and an e-learning module to enhance the protection of our work and personal data.

    Meanwhile, our “Covéa IT Risks and Security” internal community provides a space in which employees can interact on this subject.

    Lastly, we aim specific initiatives at employees who handle sensitive data.


    The “Fondation MMA des Entrepreneurs du Futur”

    The « Fondation MMA des Entrepreneurs du Futur » (Foundation of Entrepreneurs of the Future) helps entrepreneurs solve their specific problems. This Fondation fosters economic development of territories.

    Entrepeneurs en forme (Shaping entrepreneurs) program’s particular emphasis is being placed on human capital, including the executive’s health.

    Launched in 2017, “Mister Quot’ching” application is a free and personalized coaching program offered to executives to stay in shape.

    “Mindful Attitude” is another 2017 innovation. Dedicated exclusively to business executives, this first free meditation app has proven highly successful.

    In addition, the “Grand Prix des Bonnes Nouvelles de Territoires” (Good news from home) 2017 awards, organized by the Fondation, has awarded 13 innovative locale initiatives. “Entreprise marchande” (Market business) prize was rewarded to Biovia due to its eco-designed games themed on nature and child development and to Safra for its rechargeable hybrid electric bus “Businova”.

    Equipping our employees for sustainable development challenges

    We have continued to raise our employees’ awareness of sustainable development challenges. Our corporate social network has a space dedicated to these subjects that currently has 3,953  members.

    We staged events during the European Sustainable Development Week about food waste.

    In the context of the European Waste Reduction Week, we raise employee awareness of reasonable consumption paper by given them information about Covéa’s consumption and a good practices guide.

    Lastly, our internal carpooling platform, “Covéaturage”,  has grown and contains 5,544 registrations.


  • Charte éthique Covéa 2018

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  • Rapport RSE Covéa 2017

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  • 2018 Covéa Anti-Bribery Code of Conduct

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  • Rapport ESG Covéa 2017

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