Our vision of insurance

Our Group was born out of a visionary action principle : to forge partnerships while nurturing differences in order to boost performance, for the benefit of society.

« A solid, powerful mutual insurer, the Covéa Group is built on the synergetic strengths and identities of its founding mutuals, its partners and its allies. »

Our positioning

The future that is emerging offers unprecedented opportunities and risks. To meet the insurance needs of this world in motion, collective action is essential both as a driver and a solution to achieve our insurance ideal.


What is our insurance ideal ?

It is insurance defined by usefulness and performance, that serves to support and help every person, every day, to achieve their goals, anticipate risks and deal with unexpected setbacks with peace of mind.

It is insurance that gets stronger and stronger, more and more reliable and more and more human, in keeping with the aspirations and risks of a changing society.


How to fulfil our role ?

We fulfil our role by mobilising talent and technology around a shared goal: to offer each member and customer – individuals, self-employed professional and companies alike – the best possible experience of insurance. An experience with a partner that they feel at home with, thanks to our brands’ respective, intimate knowledge of their members and customers’ environment and specific needs.

Our strengths

Our strengths reflect the founding values of our business model and combine responsibility and solidarity, performance and responsiveness.

  • A unique model

    We are a mutual insurance group built on a model of strategic continuity : a solid, responsible business model offering an intelligent, long-term approach to risk.

    We view profitability as key to our sustainability and a source of growth, and have one of the highest solvency rates in the market.

    Backed by our extensive financial and investment capacity, we pool our material resources and human experts to generate competitiveness for our commercial brands, while at the same time promoting their differences.

  • The performance

    Guided by pragmatism, we put performance at the heart of our business model. But this is only a facilitator; our aim is to grow, for the benefit of the people we serve.

    Our aim is also to be able to anticipate, to be visionary and lucid at the same time, and to spot the key risks and challenges of the future.

    It is about moving to the insurance rhythm, at a pace that factors in the needs of organisations and employees, and focuses on gradual, regular transformation, on ongoing evolution rather than sudden change.

    Our goal is to act and to reinvent, and to rise to the challenges of a changing society when and wherever real opportunities arise.

    We seek to transform our company by opening up to possibilities and by stimulating a continuous flow of optimisation and targeted innovation.

  • A feel for the business

    At Covéa, having a feel for the business is above all about feeling proud of what we do because it is useful.

    With our wealth of skills and experience, we create and share insurance science, enabling us to offer our members and customers the best possible experience of insurance, now and in the future.

    Rooted in economic, local and regional reality, but also in touch with the insurance of the future, we engage with our members and customers to support them efficiently and provide them with genuine solutions.

  • People-centric

    Covéa ‘s teams are professional and excel at teamwork. But they are also united by their simple, authentic approach to human relationships, and go about their business with sincerity and integrity.

    While each of our brands is unique, all of them stand out for their extensive knowledge of their members and customers, their environment and their specific needs. This allows them to share, each in their own way, high-quality relationships founded on empathy and trust.

« Backed by its three brands - MAAF, MMA and GMF - Covéa is quietly developing a unique and sustainable model that combines solidarity and responsibility, performance and responsiveness. »

Mobilising talent and technology to help everyone progress

Our strength as a group enables us to support and help each person and each company to achieve their goals, anticipate risks and deal with unexpected setbacks with peace of mind.


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