The customer experience

We put people at the heart of the relationship with our members and customers, so that we can provide them with the best possible experience of insurance - a high-quality, responsible and tailor-made experience with brands that they feel comfortable with.

Our brands, ensuring that customer relationships remain local

Closeness to our customers has always been a strong point for our three brands, MAAF, MMA and GMF. With a combined total of over 2,600 points of sale in France, they have intimate knowledge of their members and customers’ environment and specific needs.

They have geographic, physical proximity, enabling them to anticipate and be responsive. MAAF, MMA and GMF are at their policyholders’ side as and when needed and share authentic, human relationships with them characterised by empathy and trust.

We give our brands all the means to deepen these special relationships, while retaining their uniqueness. Above all, our members and customers will have the best possible experience of insurance if they have a partner that they feel comfortable with.


« We are working to reinvent our business by strengthening our digital knowledge and practices. »
Xavier Ducurtil Marketing Director

Customer Ambition 2020, yours digitally

“Customer Ambition 2020” is our programme of investment and transformation to put digital technology at the service of both our customers and Covéa’s teams. Digital technologies provide a fantastic opportunity to improve our members and customers’ lives. We have built this programme around four themes that are transforming our profession:


  • Valuing members,
  • Developing digital proximity,
  • Creating industrial agility,
  • Operating as a collaborative ecosystem.
  • Members

    The digital transformation offers numerous opportunities to cultivate and enhance the special relationship that we have created with our members and customers. Refining our knowledge of our customers enables us to better assess their risks. That in turn allows us to anticipate more and be more proactive, in order to offer them personalised and more interactive services.

  • Digital proximity

    Our customers, whether existing or potential, are becoming more and more mobile and connected. Simplifying and enhancing their experience with our brands means getting closer to them and providing a smoother, seamless customer experience. And being at their side at the right time and in the right place, with faultless efficiency.

  • Industrial agility

    To offer a simple, smooth and prompt service, we need to work in a simple, smooth and prompt way. We have therefore chosen to invest in new technical platforms to modernise our information systems and shorten our product roll-out times.

  • The collaborative ecosystem

    The digital revolution gives us a chance to enhance our organisational agility, with working methods that are increasingly flexible and collaborative. Collaborative tools, multi-disciplinarity, roaming, teleworking, etc. are just a few new ways of working in shared mode. And the underlying aim is to encourage cooperation and innovation, while strengthening our focus on people in everything that we do.

Big data, for optimised knowledge of our policyholders

We are working to develop new, simpler and more personalised customer experiences, whatever the interaction channel our members choose. This necessarily requires better knowledge of our policyholders and a better assessment of their risks.

By exploiting big data resources in a responsible and ethical manner, it is possible to better understand our policyholders’ behaviour. In this area, new tools put Covéa at the forefront of performance.

We have invested in several big data infrastructures to mobilise the computing power and storage of dozens of remote servers. These new technologies underpin facilities such as the “Data Lab”, an experimentation unit opened in December 2015, and “360 vision”, a tool enabling more free-flowing customer relationships.

This investment in equipment is mirrored by an equally large data use training programme, through which we have already trained more than 100 employees.

Guided by our cooperative values, we are actively managing this change in the use of customer data while attaching the utmost importance to respect for private life. Moreover, our ethics charter sets out crystal clear rules on this subject.


Key figures at 31 December 2017

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    members and customers in France
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    employees in France
    working on behalf of our members and customers
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