Operational performance

In our quest for operational excellence, we reply on digital innovation, the pooling of our resources and agility of our information system.

Covéa, a driver of innovation

When it comes to innovation, the Group’s size fosters experience sharing and increases investment capacity to develop new solutions that increase our knowledge of our policyholders and enable us to better assess their risks:


  • We have innovative shared predictive tools, for example, such as “Coventéo” or “Covisiomap”, which give us greater anticipation and prevention capacity, concerning climate events in particular.
  • We have also invested in a unique infrastructure: the Data Lab. Inaugurated in December 2015, it transparently mobilises the calculation and storage power of hundreds of servers to exploit big data resources and turn data into a competitive advantage.

Covéa, a generator of competitiveness

In our continuous improvement approach, the size effect is a significant asset with regard to cost optimisation:


  • Giving us greater bargaining power with our networks of experts, lawyers and healthcare professionals. The volume effect is also a major bargaining strength for our assistance and legal protection activities.
  • We have optimised our general purchasing policy by setting up a shared supplier database, a single management tool and grouped contracts.

Information system serving performance

We are currently in the process of deploying an ambitious information system transformation programme, with two main priorities: digital transformation to help develop our business model and the convergence of our tools to capitalise on our size effect.

Covéa’s Technology and Information System Department (DTSI) accordingly plays a leading role in our digital transformation process, via:


  • The development of shared tools to improve pricing accuracy and optimise our members and customers’ access to our brands.
  • The appropriation of our shared big data technologies and R&D by all our brands and subsidiaries in order to strengthen our knowledge of risks, in particular new insurable risks, with a view to reducing claims frequency.
  • Construction of Group platforms for creating electronic documents and signatures.


Key figures at 31 December 2017

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