A single enterprise

We are evolving into a single enterprise, with a common status for all our employees. This will provide a harmonised working framework with the goal of facilitating collaboration, a source of competitiveness and efficiency.

« After the legal pillar, the SGAM , the economic pillar, Covéa Coopérations, this common status is the third, social pillar, essential to completing Covéa's construction as a single enterprise. It combines modernity for the Group and attractiveness for its employees. »
Thierry Derez Covéa Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

A common status

On 14 June 2017, 13 Group agreements were signed to replace the several hundred historical agreements specific to MAAF, MMA and GMF that had previously governed these companies’ relations with their staff.

It was an historic date for Covéa and all Group employees insofar as the agreements signed, after barely two years of negotiations, aim to define a harmonised working framework covering seven key areas:


  • health and protection;
  • working time;
  • pay;
  • incentive schemes, profit-sharing and employer contributions;
  • forward management of jobs and skills;
  • retirement;
  • the jobs reference base.


This common status entered into force on 1 January 2018 and is reflected in Group-wide IT tools since June 2018.

Adapted to the ambitions of an organisation of 21,000 people, this new status ensures fairness and is aimed at strengthening collaboration. It is a source of competitiveness and efficiency that will help develop the single enterprise.

Harmonised systems

« Cov’ergence », the HR transformation

“Cov’ergence” is the name of the project to harmonise our human resources systems, covering induction of new employees, management training programmes, annual interviews, skills management, ongoing training, etc.

In this context, we have notably implemented a new online career development tool, identical for all our employees.

This tool, accessible on “LIFEbox”, our centralised human resources portal, enables them to proactively manage their career path and record their mobility preferences.


Supporting digital acculturation

Being a single enterprise also means offering all our employees the same support in terms of skills development.

For example, we designed and offered all Group employees a 100%-digital training course on the themes of e-health, new interfaces, connected objects, social networks and information 2.0.

This innovative system, which syncs perfectly with our cooperative values, enables everyone to adapt to the digital transformation and understand its impact on our members and customers’ needs and expectations and on how we operate as an insurer.


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