Innovating together for the common good

It is our ability to mobilise and share knowledge that enables us to innovate, and to develop insurance for the benefit of society as a whole, by encouraging everyone, at their own level, to rise to new societal and environmental challenges.

We are committed to...

The synergy of unique and complementary strengths is our founding principle. It is a powerful lever for performance and efficiency. Our brands benefit from shared expertise, design capabilities, resources and solutions.

This group dynamic dictates our transformation and our innovation priorities for the common good, based on strong commitments :

  • Creating a customer experience that prevents and assists as much as it insures ;
  • Sharing our risk science to raise awareness and commit to prevention;
  • Developing offers that meet environmental and societal challenges ;
  • Transforming digital and open innovation opportunities into useful, responsible solutions.

    High value-added partnerships

    Initiated in 2005, our investment in the Santéclair platform now benefits more than three million health policyholders with our MAAF, MMA and GMF brands. The related optimised care pathway is based on negotiated services and quality criteria binding more than 7,500 Santéclair-selected health professionals.

    We also work with Santéclair on an innovative prototype development initiative, in particular for “all-inclusive” hospitalisation. We carried out an orthopaedic surgery reimbursement test within this framework in 2016, and are due to conduct a similar one for cataracts in the near future.

    We received an Argus d’Or award in the “Motor claims management initiatives” category for our “ILLI’Cars” service, which, in the event of a vehicle breakdown, offers a replacement vehicle delivery and collection service at the policyholder’s chosen address. This original offer resulted from our subsidiary Fidélia Assistance‘s exclusive partnership with the Entreprise Rent-A-Car company, which handles vehicle supply and reservation.

    Redefining the customer experience pathway

    We seek to provide our members and customers with the best possible experience of insurance, and accordingly have embarked on a major transformation plan, “Ambition client 2020” (Customer ambition 2020), and defined a new customer experience pathway behind which all our businesses are mobilised. In 2016, we reached a new milestone in pursuit of this objective, and now have strategic steering resources that enable us to establish the Covéa brands’ positioning relative to each other and to their competitors. They also allow us to understand the Covéa Group’s brands’ strengths and weaknesses and so define strategic progress lines.

    Measuring satisfaction in a continuous improvement approach

    We also use annual studies to measure our members and customers’ satisfaction, their relationship with our brands, their loyalty and how they perceive our offer’s ease of use and value for money.


    Innovation serving prevention

    CESVI France, a 90%-owned subsidiary of the Covéa Group since the end of 2015, works to improve automotive repair techniques, helps to anticipate claims frequency trends and enhances our service offer for members and customers, particularly in terms of prevention.

    We have also developed innovative tools for claims prevention, alerts and monitoring :

    • « Coventéo » models natural perils, such as storms, frost and climate risks.
    • « Covisiomap » helps to classify risks at the time of underwriting, for better prevention and adjusted pricing.
    • In partnership with the producers of the Waze app, GMF issues instant road safety messages to users during their journeys on motorways and work commutes, including in the event of weather warnings.

    Supporting new technologies

    The Group sponsored the insurtech category of the “Global Fintech Challenge 2016” competition, which brought together nearly 130 fintech and insurtech start-ups that had developed new technologies and services in banking and insurance.

    How can we enable policyholders take control of their risk? We decided to contribute to this question by supporting This online service, designed with notaries and lawyers, provides estate planning information to web users and helps them to draft their own will.


    Cover tailored to new modes of transport

    We now insure new, collaborative modes of transport such as car-sharing, mobility and peer-to-peer renting :

    • Our innovative “mobility” solution covers the excess payable by the policyholder in the event of a claim on a vehicle rented from a car hire firm, an individual or a car-sharing company. It includes cover for drivers, transported contents and financial losses.
    • Our “rental” solution provides protection for both the policyholder and the vehicle renter. In the event of a claim, there is no impact on the policyholder’s policy, whether in terms of no claims bonus or deductibles.
    • Carpooler insurance is included in all MAAF, MMA and GMF motor policies at no extra cost.

    Responses to combat new risks

    In the face of increasingly frequent cyber risks and policyholders’ need to protect both themselves and their children, particularly against cyber harassment on social networks, we have enhanced our legal protection policy for GMF members and customers :

    • We have created “digital life” cover offering legal and financial support, included in “Essential” our basic package, and upwards, to customers who have been the victim of identity theft, fraud or reputational damage or are involved in a dispute related to a product or service purchased online..
    • Comprehensive” package subscribers, meanwhile, benefit from the service of a specialised data removal agent to erase or relegate any damaging information so that it no longer appears on the first page of search engine listings.

    Lab Covéa, an incubator of ideas

    Lab Covéa supports solutions in-house that encourage experimentation leading to rapid, radical innovation for the benefit of all, and first of all our customers. Three innovative ideas were selected in 2016 following the first call for proposals on the theme of connected objects in auto and home insurance :

    • « E-protect », a turnkey offer that enables retailers and craftsmen to manage their e-reputation ;
    • « Noé », a solution that optimises the experience of policyholders who are the victim of water damage ;
    • « My Sweet Home », an innovative service that helps our members and customers with home maintenance.

    Improving support in the event of personal misfortune

    « CovéaLink » gives policyholders who are hospitalised or disabled free use of a remote controlled robot. This service facilitates real-time interaction to avoid breaking social ties and maintains mobility to improve users’ quality of life.

    The « ECLAIR » programme is aimed at developing services that offer customers the best possible support during the handling of their claims, via a multi-brand, multi-channel approach.

    The « MAAF et Moi » application is a typical Covéa Lab product. It provides customers with real-time updates on the progress of major motor or house insurance claims, can put them in touch with their claims adviser or another operator, displays all their written correspondence with MAAF, enables them to send any documents needed to manage the claim efficiently and allows them to track vehicle repairs with MAAF-approved providers.

    Facilitating our policyholders’ everyday lives

    To improve the everyday lives of members and customers looking to purchase a vehicle, we have developed a simple, clear website that allows them to consult the opinions of drivers and users to help them make a choice with confidence. The site lists MAAF policyholders’ reviews, exclusively, of a large number of vehicle models. The reviews are systematically vetted providing a trouble-free, trust-based solution.


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