Our CSR goals

Our CSR goals are to act and to encourage others to act. They are based on it core values and embodied in it ethos: mutual commitment. This means daily commitment alongside and for it policyholders, it employees and society at large.

Mutual commitment alongside our members and customers


We support lives and the development of activities, prevent risks, manage emergencies, and help our policyholders achieve their personal projects. Thanks to our range of brands, we offer them a unique experience with a partner on their wavelength.

Inviting others to act

We share our knowledge of risks so that our policyholders, whether individuals or professionals, can factor them into their everyday lives, personal plans and careers.

Mutual commitment alongside our employees


We nurture our employees’ competencies, ensure fairness and diversity in every form, and make work a fulfilling place to be.


Inviting others to act

We encourage our employees to be in charge of their own careers. We trust them to develop and transform our business.

Mutual commitment alongside society


We promote the emergence of a more responsible society and systematically honour our commitments.


Inviting others to act

We share our experience and expertise with partners and contributors committed alongside us to making innovation a driver of progress for all.


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