Our international operations

While we focus growth primarily on our activities in France, we have also had operations abroad for more than 30 years.

« Our aim is not to be present everywhere, but to focus on mature and profitable markets and, when opportunities arise, to consolidate our existing operations. »
Pierre Michel Managing Director, Reinsurance and International

Targeted challenges

Our international operations, which span Europe and North America, are built on majority-owned subsidiaries and specifically targeted equity interests.

Our overseas development is always consistent with our unique business model and the values that underpin the day-to-day work of Covéa’s teams: sustainability, solvency, a feel for the business and a focus on human relationships.

Overall, our international activities accounted 1.7 billion euros in premium income in 2017 and employ more than 4,500 people.

In addition to our commercial development, be set in other countries offer real added value in terms of experience sharing.

The European insurance market is highly diverse – and the global one even more so, with needs, products, distribution methods, consumer habits and regulations – particularly tax regulations – that vary from country to country.

We can learn some lessons from these differences for observing and anticipating trends in the French market: for example, as tacit renewal of policies does not exist in the UK, our activity in this country enabled us to analyse market behaviour in this context well ahead of the entry into force of France’s 17 March 2014 consumer act, or “Hamon Act”.

Lastly, our foreign operations help us diversify and therefore have a positive impact on our solvency level under Solvency 2 criteria.



Our subsidiaries

Accordingly, the companies we acquire reflect our identity and are well placed to seize opportunities on their domestic markets :


  • United Kingdom

Covéa Insurance : Formed from the merger of MMA Insurance, Provident Insurance and Gateway Insurance in 2012, this company offers a huge range of insurance products to more than a million customers in the UK. In 2016, the Sunday Times ranked Covéa Insurance among the 100 best companies to work for in the UK. And in 2018, for de third consecutive year, it received at the British Insurance Awards the “Insurer of Individuals of the year”.


  • United States

CSE : This company provides property insurance in the states of California, Utah, Nevada and Arizona and focuses its development mainly on the home, motor and small business segments. It distributes its products through a network of non-exclusive agents and a partnership in Utah.


  • Italy

Bipiemme Vita  et Bipiemme Assicurazioni : Bipiemme Vita is an Italian insurer specialising in life insurance. In life insurance, it is the exclusive partner of BPM bank and one of Italy’s leading players in this market. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Bipiemme Vita, Bipiemme Assicurazioni launched its property and casualty insurance business in October 2011.


  • Luxembourg

AME Life Lux : A Luxembourg insurer currently working on commercial development in Italy in partnership with BPM bank.

At the end of 2016, more than three million customers benefited from the expertise and high quality customer relations that our subsidiaries offer.


Our holdings

We take a similar approach to equity investments :

La Capitale – Canada : One of Quebec’s biggest insurance groups, La Capitale comprises three property insurance companies and one life insurer.

Caser – Spain : Caser operates mainly in bankinsurance, property and casualty and life insurance, and has suffered as a result of the structural problems encountered by its Spanish bank distributors, leading to the loss of multiple distribution agreements. However, strengthened by sound technical results, the company is currently developing other distribution channels and starting to grow again.

Key figures at 31 December 2017

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    billion euros
    in premium income from international activities
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    in our foreign subsidiaries
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    international customers

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