Our history

How the Covéa Group was built, from its first partnerships to its current position as a market leader, firmly grounded in the 21st century.


  • Common status, single entreprise

    June 14
    Agreement with the social partners providing a common status for the Group's 21,000 employees in France. This innovative status, a prerequisite for becoming a single enterprise, makes the Group more agile, innovative and efficient in the service of its 11.5 million members.


  • New social governance

    Incorporation of the Covéa economic and social unit (UES) and establishment of a Group labour-management negotiating platform. Launch of negotiations on a common status.


  • Strategic turn point

    The Group’s construction takes a new turn: Covéa is now responsible for defining strategy, while the three brands retain control over their respective operational decisions.


  • Covéa puts on new colors

    SMI, an inter-professional mutual company, joins the Group and strengthens our positions in group health insurance. Covéa acquires Sterling Insurance Group in the United Kingdom.


  • New construction milestones

    Creation of Covéa Coopérations to simplify the legal and operational structure of a group that has grown significantly. Formation of Covéa Insurance following the merger of two UK-based subsidiaries.


  • Health insurance growth

    APGIS, France's 12th largest joint-representation provident institution, joins Covéa, leading to the pooling of resources for research, development, distribution and group health insurance management.


  • Centralised financial management

    Financial management is one of the priority areas for pooling resources and capabilities. Covéa creates a single management structure bringing together all its financial and real estate expertise.


  • Fidélia : the Group's single assistance provider

    Fidélia Assistance, historically the AZUR-GMF group's assistance provider, becomes the single assistance company for all Group members and customers.


  • The baton passes

    Thierry Derez, who was previously Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MAAF and Chairman of MMA, succeeds Jean-Claude Seys as Covéa's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.


  • Pooling complementary strengths

    AZUR-GMF, headed by Thierry Derez, joins Covéa. Four insurance mutual 'families' now make up the Covéa SGAM, bound by a single principle: to pool complementary strengths. Covéa becomes a leader in property insurance.


  • A first in France

    Under the chairmanship of Jean-Claude Seys, MAAF Assurances and MMA decide to jointly create a group of insurance mutuals, taking advantage of a new type of French legal structure. A first in France.


  • The Group's first building blocks

    The first shared legal and operational entities are created, with responsibility for claims management and certain activities in niche markets or specific risks.


  • Covéa created

    MAAF Assurances and MMA merge with Covéa SRM, Société de Réassurance Mutuelle, to form Covéa.