Our Group

Since MAAF, MMA and GMF joined forces, our governance has changed in line with our transformation into a single enterprise. We are well established in France and have openings abroad..

  • Our history

    Our Group was formed when MAAF, MMA and GMF joined forces. And our family has grown over the years.

  • Our governance

    Although we have already defined our Group strategy, its operational success depends on our brands.

  • Our locations

    Our ecosystem extends beyond the national coverage of our founding three mutual insurance companies.

  • Our european partnerships

    We are members of several European organisations promoting peer exchanges between insurance companies.

  • Our international operations

    This is our think-tank and an endowment fund for the development of the social economy.

Focus sur

  • Our strategic lines

    Optimising our organisation, increasing our financial solidity and developing our relationship with our policyholders

  • Our core business

    We are present in the main markets and the leading property and liability insurer in France

  • Join our Group

    Learn more about our job opportunities and our committed, responsible, dynamic and innovative employer brand.