We have been present on the International Inwards Reinsurance market for 65 years. Since 2015, we have provided health and personal protection reinsurance in France, an emerging and promising business.

International and health / personal protection inwards reinsurance

Our international reinsurance business was launched in Strasbourg in 1954, where it is still carried out by a team of 32 employees.

In 2015, Covéa created a Health and Personal Protection Reinsurance Division to support the health mutual companies and provident institutions in France. This new activity within the mutualist group reflects the desire to provide responses to social economy organisations that wish to cede health and personal protection risk and benefit from risk control solutions.

Since 1 January 2017, the international and health and personal protection inwards reinsurance activities have been backed by one of the Group’s entities, Covéa Coopérations.

With financial strength that meets the requirements of ceding companies, Covéa Coopérations is rated A+ by Standard & Poor’s, A by AM Best and Aa3 by Moody’s.

Close-up look at the International Inwards Reinsurance business

Our underwriting policy is based on the principle of continuity, with emphasis on long-term relationships with selected partners. These partners know that they can count on our teams’ professionalism and commitment for many years.

The Group’s international inwards reinsurance business spans 32 countries.

We have a strong presence in Europe, where 72% of this portfolio’s premiums are written. Our growth strategy is based on geographic diversification.

In 2018, we have started to write business in Israël and business development in Morocco is still ongoing.

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International Inwards Reinsurance

Xavier Bersani, Head of International Inwards Reinsurance, describes the division's activities.

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Practical information

  • Contact us

    International Inwards Reinsurance Division :

    1 allée du Wacken
    67978 Strasbourg Cedex 9 France

    Contact :

    Tel : +33 3 88 11 71 51

  • Our visiting address

    12 rue Wenger Valentin
    67 000 Strasbourg

  • Find us

    By car :

    • From Paris, take A4 in the direction of Metz-Nancy, then take A350 to the Wacken exit.
    • Follow the “European institutions” signs.

    Parking :

    • Visitor parking, 11 open access places at 12 rue Wenger Valentin.
    • “Rives de l’Aar” public parking 200m away.

    By train :

    • Arrival at Strasbourg central station.
    • Then, option to take the tramway.

    By tramway :

    • From Strasbourg central station, take line A or D. Get off at “Homme de fer” and take line B (in the direction of Hoenheim Gare) and get off at the “Wacken” stop».
    • Or walk 300m to the “Alt Winmarik” stop (Vieux marché aux vins). Take line B (in the direction of Hoenheim Gare) and get off at the “Wacken” stop.

    By plane :

    Arrival at Strasbourg-Entzheim airport (then taxi or SNCF shuttle).

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