Health and Personal Protection

Covéa works with companies and individuals to meet their supplementary social protection needs in the areas of health and personal protection.

Covéa, a major player in supplementary social protection

As a leading insurance and social protection mutual company, Covéa is active in the fields of health and personal protection, ensuring the soundness of its investments, compliance with ethics rules and the quality and transparency of the products offered by its MAAF, MMA and GMF brands.

Our social protection system is built on two pillars: social security and private supplementary insurance companies. This means that insurers must not practice selective underwriting or exclude individuals’ health risks.

Trust in the Covéa Group’s brands is demonstrated by 11.5 million members, including nearly 3 million in health insurance. Its €1.8 billion in health/personal protection premium income clearly illustrates each person’s commitment to keep supplementary social protection within the scope of the social and solidarity economy in order to combine economic performance and social utility.

Promoting health over the long term

The Covéa Group’s brands work with companies and individuals to meet their supplementary social protection needs in terms of :

  • supplementary health : reimbursement of healthcare and hospital expenses, access to healthcare networks at negotiated prices and quality, prevention, support for individuals in a fragile state (health advice, reimbursement simulation and tracking, assistance, social services, etc.),
  • personal protection : protection in case of incapacity, disability, death, loss of income, dependency and loss of autonomy, etc…

Our products are designed for everyone: active and retired employees, professionals, self-employed people, merchants and civil servants.

Our health services for better access to care

The Covéa Group offers a wide range of assistance, support and prevention services. With the “Santéclair” platform, we have been involved in developing healthcare networks in France that allow policyholders to find healthcare providers at controlled prices for more than 10 years. This initiative illustrates our commitment to reduce our members’ out-of-pocket expenses while providing them with easier access to quality care.

The services we develop are underpinned by a single objective: to make meeting individuals’ healthcare needs a top priority. With this in mind, personalised prevention is key to improving the support that Covéa provides to its policyholders, while ensuring data confidentiality and protection.

Group insurance, reinsurance : pooling expertise

The Covéa Group includes the MAAF, MMA and GMF mutual insurance companies, the APGIS jointly-managed provident institution and the SMI mutual company. By pooling expertise and know-how within our Group, we are able to offer companies and policyholders a wide range of products and services.

In terms of reinsurance, Covéa’s high solvency level allows it to reinsure supplementary social protection agencies and guarantee them real technical and financial independence.

Innovation for better protection

Promoting information and access to care also guides Covéa’s innovation policy in the areas of health and personal protection. Through its local networks and a targeted partner strategy, the Covéa Group focuses its innovations on initiatives with high social impact  :

New healthcare platforms

Creation of the hip and knee orthopaedic surgery network, via “Santéclair”.

Expansion of social services

Creation of a new service to provide individuals in a fragile state with necessary help and support, via “Domplus”.

Personalised prevention

  • Participation in the “Prévent’Horizon” chair to help individuals take charge of their health.
  • Creation of the “La santé des dirigeants” (Managers’ health) programme by MMA.
  • Organisation of the “Goût et Santé” (Taste and Health) award by MAAF.

Support for the disabled and research 

  • Partnership with the G. Charpak chair to better understand the damage mechanisms of the human musculoskeletal system and contribute to the design and improvement of prevention, diagnostic and therapeutic treatment methods.
  • Working with the Handisport Federation, the Group’s brands play an important role in supporting the disabled through initiatives such as :
    • Development of the “Hippocampe”, a revolutionary wheelchair that can be used on sand, snow and in water,
    • Job coaching of young people with Asperger syndrome,
    • The Handisup publication entitled “higher education to access employment”,
    • Financing of the creation of the movement analysis laboratory at the “Centre de l’Arche” functional rehabilitation centre and of the “Parastep” trial (muscular stimulation system that provides assistance with walking),
    • Co-organisation of the 7th National Tennis Tournament.

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