Skills development

Our training schemes, together with the opportunities for career development and internal mobility we offer, pave the way for a rich and varied professional career.

Supporting you as you progress

We place human values at the core of our HR policy, convinced that – individually and collectively – Covéa’s men and women are the driving force behind the Group’s transformation and performance. The ongoing development of your expertise – from the moment you join us and throughout your career – is therefore crucial for us.

Induction programmes for everyone

Our induction programmes are designed to acquaint you with your new environment and ensure that you progress with ease through the company right from the start.

Your induction programme will be both stimulating and innovative :

  • For example, we offer gaming solutions available on your workstations. They help you to adapt to the Group and its operating methods.
  • At our “Bienvenue by Live” welcome event, newcomers are invited to an informal gathering at our head office in Paris, where there will be an address by one of our managing directors – the spokespeople for Covéa’s values – as well as the chance to participate in a road trip and produce a video wall as part of a team-building activity.

We have also designed a specific programme for first-time managers: over 18 months, we support them as they train to become managers in the Covéa environment.

A multi-modal training approach

We see all types of learning situations as opportunities for you to develop your skills and build your expertise.

As well as many face-to-face training sessions – both technical and relational – and on-the-job training, our approach incorporates new training methods via digital learning: e-learning, MOOC courses, virtual classrooms, serious games, etc.

Overall, the training delivered to group employees in 2017 totalled 660,000 hours, with a 63% rate of access to training.

We have also set up innovative approaches such as Co-development, a method based on the development of relational skills through collective intelligence, and Campus, our corporate university.

Finally, in some cases, employees are temporarily transferred to a different post in order to develop their skills on project assignments.

Providing you with the means to advance

Our employees are very loyal. We see this loyalty as an asset and we are keen to cultivate it.

In order to sustain your employability and stimulate your commitment for the long term, it is essential that we provide you with the opportunities and tools to showcase your skills and apply for new assignments.

Managing employee talent and potential

Our well-honed procedure for identifying high-potential employees enables us to build talent pools to facilitate the promotion of internal candidates within the Group. We focus on identifying and recognising your expertise and level of experience:

  • By arranging annual virtual interviews with your manager. This ensures that we get to know you better and that others get to know your profile too.
  • By providing you with a tailored development plan to suit your skills and career development aspirations.
  • By helping managers to identify high-potential employees.
  • By relying on the expertise of our dedicated assessment centre to assess your ability to apply for positions with greater responsibility.

Enhancing employability through internal promotion

At Covéa, we believe that your advancement is crucial for your stability. We do everything we can to put you in charge of your career path and create opportunities for you to enjoy a rich and varied career.

Every year, functional mobility is offered to almost 1,500 employees. And to facilitate mobility between our brands, on average over 1,000 offers a year are available on our in-house Job Market.


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