Our tips for applying

At Covéa, above all else, your skills, your personality and your motivation will make the difference.

Be yourself!

Applying means focusing on your experience, your successes, your motivations and the situations that have helped you learn.

Before a job interview, feel free to prepare questions, which will enrich the conversation and may help you stand out.

Ask yourself different questions!

  • What can I bring to the position?
  • What added value can I bring?
  • What makes me stand out?

State your motivation!

  • What I like to do.
  • What I like less.
  • My short-, medium- and long-term aspirations.
  • What motivates me on a daily basis…

Your motivations, what you really like and your personality will always make the difference.

Let's build the future of insurance together!

Motivating employees and supporting their commitment is the reason behind our HR initiatives. We are aware of our employees’ skills and give them the means to apply them each day and develop and enhance them.

By combining our experiences and by learning from our mistakes and our successes, we encourage our employees to express their ideas and take initiative and we share our love of working together. This fuels our desire to outdo ourselves, challenge what we know and grow, knowing that we draw our strength from this ability to interact internally and our spirit of cooperation: we know, recognise and support each other.


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