Increasing our initiatives

Covéa relies on the latest advances in new technologies to develop innovative services that simplify the lives of our policyholders.

CovéaLink, technology helping to serve emotional needs

CovéaLink offers its hospitalised or disabled policyholders the assistance of a robotised machine free of charge.

This robot, which is equipped with a display, video camera and microphone at eye level, is a mobile telepresence device that can be remotely controlled via a tablet.

This solution enables the immobile to maintain a real-time social link with their family, friends or even their working environment, in order to improve their quality of life.

CovéaLink in pictures

Climate risk management: unique predictive tools

Covéa has developed a range of risk management tools unique in the market and representing a benchmark in fire, accident and sundry risk engineering.

  • Coventéo : meteorological sensitivity management in fire, accident and sundry risk insurance and assistance. With its data fed by our internal meteorologists, Coventéo can be used to anticipate natural events (gales, floods, cold waves, hurricanes, heat waves, etc.) and trigger the appropriate measures in order to come to the assistance of our policyholders. Coventéo can also be used to warn customers by SMS before an event occurs and set up simple yet effective preventive advice.
  • Covisiomap: Covéa exposure analytical and management tools
    It provides all potential risks for a given address when an insurance policy is taken out, thereby improving prevention and ensuring appropriate prices.


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