Learning differently

A trendsetter in this field, Covéa relies on innovative training methods and new management practices to optimise the skills development of its employees.

Co-development for interpersonal skills

Co-development is an innovative, peer-based coaching process based on voluntary mutual help. This approach is special because there is no official trainer. The participants form a group of six to eight people from any professions, departments and brands.

The objective of this method is to develop employees’ listening and questioning ability by working on their interpersonal positioning. By being asked to find and understand the sometimes unsatisfactory or uncomfortable interpersonal situations they may experience in their everyday work, the participants think about their usual behaviour and so consider other options. Each participant’s problems serve as learning matter for everyone as a result.

This method therefore helps to improve interpersonal skills and is a real lever for collective intelligence. It helps to eliminate psychosocial risks and greatly contributes to the emergence of a form of ‘learning business’.

Using the approach, which was set up within the Group in 2008, 1,200 executives have already participated in the co-development story.

Covéa Campus : the Group’s business university

Covéa Campus is a collective dynamic system. Its aim: to work on preset in order to propose and test solutions helping to build the Group together.

The participants, from different brands, professions and sites, work in a group of 15–20 volunteers. They meet regularly for several months to build and experiment their solution.

End of March 2018, after two successful seasons, 3 000 managers have started the third season that revolves around the “To manage at Covéa : let’s open the fields of possibilities” topic.

ESSEC chair : management innovation and operational excellence

In 2017, Covéa became a founding member of the new ESSEC Graduate School of Management chair on the theme of management innovation, a hitherto-rare research subject. An experimental think-tank, the objective of this chair is to build experiments with our partners and ‘professionalise’ the practices.

Our link with this chair supports our thinking on the new situations facing our managers and so help them by offering them new practices embracing a philosophy of innovation and operational excellence.

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