Covéa anticipates risk by raising awareness through a variety of campaigns and digital prevention tools. We take an innovative approach to risk management to better serve our members and customers.

Close contact for better protection

The data scientists in our Strategy, Customer, Transformation Departement have developed and optimised prevention tools for our policyholders in case of bad weather. Thanks to these products, our employees can warn and help protect members and customers prepare for the unexpected, for example by securing their property or reconsidering their travel plans.


  • Coventéo : This accurate weather forecasting system is capable of predicting and anticipating the impact of climate events in real time. Coventéo sends a text alert to the policyholders of our three brands to warn them of a severe climate event and allow them to take precautions. It also facilitates the mobilisation of those involved in claims management.
  • Covisiomap : This tool identifies all threats to a building, such as natural or industrial risks and the frequency of theft or damage. It provides the ability to intervene very early on through targeted prevention work.


Because the prevention and the accompanying of our policyholders are at the heart of our priorities, we have launched a services platform that allows our customers, for example to get remote surveillance system services to home automation. They can also have access to relocation assistance, as well as specific and detailed information on a particular neighbourhood. Or even to evaluate the value of a property and calculate the amount of upcoming development work.


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Prevention through innovation

Through its three brands, Covéa is particularly active in the areas of road safety and health. Here are the most noteworthy recent operations:


  • MMA conducted the first crash test in 360° video. The aim of this test is to fully experience the accident in order to best avoid it. This film encourages the prevention of dangerous behaviours on the road (phoning while driving, fatigue, etc.).
  • GMF produced a series of films on road safety shot in 360°. The 360° vision immerses the user at heart of the risk and allows maximum awareness, without dramatization.  The first, “La Balade de Charlotte” (Charlotte’s walk) raises public awareness about the often risky behaviours of pedestrians using mobile phones. The second, “La route partagée” warns road users (pedestrians, bikers, car drivers and riders) to better prevent existing hazards.
  • MAAF developed the “Assistant Air” app, which combines practical fonctionalities for further information about air quality. It also created the “AlcooTel” app, which allows users to know whether it is safe to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.


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