Our Commitments

Working towards the future means designing ground-breaking services and communication methods for the common good by adapting our products and learning methods.

  • Our CSR challenges

    Our collective commitment should cover our policyholders, our employees and society in the widest sense of the word.

  • Transforming our professions

    We develop digital services designed for our policyholders via R&D, new partnerships and the Covéa Lab.

  • Promoting diversity

    We encourage a diversity of profiles and experience to develop a successful company, and place competencies at the heart of our HR policy. Our responsibility is to make diversity a reality.

  • Transforming our behaviour

    We give the highest priority to ensuring a top-quality interpersonal relationship for a contented working environment and employee efficiency.

  • Prevention

    We aim to provide personal protection by focusing our product and service development on innovation.

Focus sur

  • Our professions and expertises

    Useful cover and day-to-day assistance to help you to complete your projects and face the unexpected.

  • Our strategic lines

    Optimising our organisation, increasing our financial solidity and developing our relationship with our policyholders.

  • Our news in detail

    Something is always happening in the daily life of Covéa employees and we talk about it here.