Fidélia Assistance

Fidélia, the Group’s assistance company, provides day-to-day assistance for all our members and customers and brings them effective solutions.

Expertise serving the human story

Twenty-four hours a day and every day, more than 1,200 agents serve our policyholders by bringing them assistance and comfort in disasters and emergencies.

Fidélia Assistance’s expertise represents a firm commitment to its policyholders, and its employees are proud to serve those we insure.

As a result, Fidélia employees foster the meaning of their profession through four values shared by all: solidarity, diversity, quality and dynamism.

In recent years, Fidélia Assistance has modernised its tools for greater efficiency, in order to provide the best possible bespoke response for its members and customers.

Fidélia works as a white label with most of its customers, notably the Covéa group brands.

Fidélia Assistance fields of operation

Fidélia operates in wide-ranging fields to provide our policyholders with comprehensive protective assistance.

  • Medical assistance

    Fidélia employees come to the assistance of those sick or injured while travelling or in a traffic accident.

    They perform all the appropriate assistance tasks : repatriation, evacuation on emergency or commercial flights, advancing money to cover foreign medical expenses, etc.

  • Vehicle assistance

    In France and internationally, Fidélia Assistance teams fix or tow the vehicles of our members or customers if they break down or are involved in an accident. Fidélia also provides them with a replacement vehicle.

  • Personal assistance

    Fidélia also assists members or customers having difficulties at home and can set up emergency or home help services if these are required.

Key figures at 31 December 2017

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