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Covéa Immobilier, which manages significant real estate assets, is a known and recognised stakeholder in its business sector. It aims to provide real estate insurance combining asset valuation with environmental commitment.

« We have all the assets to tackle the challenges of the future: an exceptional heritage, qualified and inquiring teams and resources to match our ambitions. »
Rémi Lot Covéa Immobilier Managing Director

Real estate insurance

Covéa Immobilier is above all 320 employees – specialists in asset valuation or rental management, architects, legal experts, buyers, work supervisors or maintenance technicians – that work daily to optimise the real estate assets of the three brands.

By sharing purchases and resources, drawing more widely on the Group’s special expertise and being able to study major real estate operations, they represent part of an approach that is economical as well as operational and strategic.

Covéa Immobilier consists of two separate Business Units :


  • The Investment Division, whose mission consists in optimising asset value by choosing investments that add the most value and maximise long-term liquidity.
  • The Operating Division, which provides real-estate and technical management services for all elements of the central and regional sites of the MAAF and GMF networks as well as their sales outlets.


Covéa Immobilier celebrated 10 years of projects and success in 2018.

Sustainable real estate

Covéa Immobilier’s active and ambitious approach seeks to improve the environmental and energy performance of the company’s real estate assets and operation through concrete, practical actions :


  • Signing the Circular Economy in real estate and building charter in December 2017, to promote re-use of waste materials and circular economy.
  • Signing the City of Paris water management charter in December 2013.
  • Signing the Sustainable Development Plan for office buildings in September 2014.
  • Fixing a specific budget envelope for financing “green investments”.
  • Drawing up an environmental annex for leases of offices and shops with a floor area of more than 1,000 m² signed or renewed since January 2012.
  • Setting up a certification policy (BREEAM, HQE, BBC, etc.) for major projects, with more than 75,000 m² currently being certified.
  • Setting up audits, monitoring and action plans for the buildings that consume the most energy.
  • Creating a database to track all forms of energy consumption in the buildings on a monthly basis (electricity, gas, Paris urban heating system (CPCU), cooling (Climespace), etc.).

Key figures at 31 December 2019

  • Distribution of Covéa Immobilier investment asset use (in %)
    • Offices and Shops
    • Homes
  • 0
    million euros
    in managed investment asset value
  • 0
    investment properties
  • 0
    61% of which is in offices and shops
  • 0
    million euros
    in wholly-owned operating asset value
  • 0
    operating sites managed
  • 0
    of operating real estate gross usable area

Our properties currently on the market

  • 38 avenue Kléber

    38 avenue Kléber is located near to Place de l’Etoile, on the east side of the central business district of Paris

    It consists of an office building with an area of 16,625 m², offering two planted outside terraces and 144 underground parking places.

    Its renovation forms part of an ambitious environmental project to obtain the BREEAM, HQE and BBC Effinergie energy efficiency labels.


  • Thémis

    Themis is a resolutely innovative office complex. Located on the north-western side of Paris’s Clichy-Batignolles district, it is adjacent to the “Palais de Justice” law courts. Two major changes have been made at this location: the building generates no CO2 and it harmonises perfectly with this new district of Paris and its ambitious environmental aims.

Contact Covéa Real Estate

Covéa Immobilier – 86 rue Saint-Lazare – 75320 Paris Cedex 09 – France
Tél : (+33)1 55 50 60 00
Mail :


  • Le 38 avenue Kléber : plaquette de présentation du projet

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  • Le Thémis : plaquette de présentation du projet

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