Covéa Protection Juridique

Covéa Protection Juridique is the Covéa Group’s legal protection and information company. Born from the merger of DAS and APJ, it is a leader in the retail and professional markets.

“We are building an ‘enhanced legal protection’ model in the service of customer experience.”
Christophe Bardet Covéa Protection Juridique Managing Director

Leader in legal protection

Covéa Protection Juridique is the result of the merger between DAS and APJ, Covéa’s two legal protection companies. The company currently has a 19% market share and holds a leading position among legal protection insurers for individuals and professionals.

The best possible insurance experience

Covéa Protection Juridique sells legal protection products through the Covéa Group’s brand networks (MMA, MAAF and GMF). It offers personalised support to customers facing a dispute. From the simple provision of legal information to out-of-court negotiation and legal proceedings, it does its utmost to ensure a seamless customer experience.
Covéa Protection Juridique’s lawyers specialise by area, be it consumer protection, labour law, real estate or any other. They identify the best options possible and always seek an amicable settlement. Their negotiation expertise enables faster and cheaper conflict resolution.

Tailor-made protection

In an increasingly law-bound environment, managing legal risk is becoming a key success factor for business owners. Covéa Protection Juridique offers tailor-made solutions to support them at all stages of their company’s life.

Enhanced legal protection

Regulatory, sociological and technological changes are transforming both insurables and the expectations of customers, who require instant solutions and new services.
Covéa Protection Juridique is building a new ‘enhanced legal protection’ model that combines insurance and services, innovation and digital capabilities (partnerships with legaltech companies, multi-channel distribution, 24/7 selfcare service, etc.).
Covéa Protection Juridique is firmly focused on its goal of becoming the market’s leading problem solver.

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