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A key element of Covéa Finance actions, which are aimed at ensuring the company’s lasting performance, consists of risk management. This recognised expertise is highly useful in the insurance industry.

« The Group supports our management decisions and gives us the human and technical means to take them. »
Ghislaine Bailly Covéa Finance CEO

Finance serving insurance

Covéa Finance is the Group’s portfolio management company. Its management policy, which stands out for the reasoned approach it takes to its risk-return ratio during the investment process, informs its collegial structure at all decision-making levels, in principle.

Thanks to the work of its integrated research teams, Covéa Finance’s recognised analytical ability enables it to anticipate developments in its environment.

In addition, as an active investor that fully assumes its responsibility as a shareholder consistent with its proactive ESG policy, Covéa Finance actively contributes to the shareholder dialogue, while also maintaining its focus of the fundamentals that give a meaning to the economy.

Lastly, Covéa Finance consists of a wide range of funds that provides investors with access to the major financial markets worldwide via different asset classes.

Covéa Finance fundamentals

  • Independence and self-sufficiency

    One of the major unique features of Covéa Finance is its research centre integrated into its management teams, which enables all employees to form their own convictions and objective view of market opinions. Its analytical independence is particularly useful in times of financial crisis.

    The impartiality of Covéa Finance’s resources and management complies with the AMF regulations and operates as an independent business under the terms of the Solvency II Directive. This represents an additional guarantee of it fully playing its role as an asset management expert within Covéa, whose economic activity is mainly insurance-related.

  • Control and responsibility

    The main ambition of Covéa Finance is to achieve long-term performance in order to obtain the best possible risk-return ratio.

    Aware of its responsibilities to the different stakeholders present in financial markets – savers, institutional investors, financial intermediaries and publicly traded companies – Covéa Finance has applied appropriate measures for many years :

    – The company’s Code of Ethics, since 2003,
    – Its anti-money laundering procedure, since 2004,
    – A formal internal controls charter, since 2004.

    Covéa Finance, with its mutualist values found throughout the Group, rapidly became aware of Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) and has demonstrated its SRI philosophy for 10 years in “Covéa Actions Solidaires”, an active solidarity fund focusing on social cohesion in France.

  • Collegiality and sharing

    Collegiality is a powerful Covéa Finance management marker and can be found in every phase of the investment process :

    • Three times a year, the Covéa Finance teams jointly use the Economic and Financial Outlook (PEF) reports to construct a “central asset allocation scenario” based on a macroeconomic and microeconomic analysis of the overall financial environment.

    • The investment strategies and management choices are then applied to each portfolio, depending on its specific characteristics, at weekly management committee meetings during which the managers examine the central scenario in the light of macroeconomic and microeconomic events and, when applicable, adjust their positions

    In order to anticipate regulatory developments and make its opinion heard, Covéa Finance make an active contribution by participating in working groups as well as in public consultations set up by the AFG, AMF and ESMA.

    Covéa Finance is currently a member of the Governance Commission of the French Association of Financial Management (AFG), the Employee Savings Commission of the AFG or the Sustainable Development Commission of the French Company of Financial Analysts (SFAF).

Key figures at 31 December 2018

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