Covéa Coopérations

Covéa Coopérations is the Covéa group’s reinsurance arm and is responsible for managing the Group’s subsidiaries and equity interests.

Management of the Group’s subsidiaries and equity interests

Covéa Coopérations acts as the pivotal structure between the Group’s mutual owners and the operating companies. It is responsible for managing Covéa’s subsidiaries and equity interests, particularly acquisitions, investments and disposals.

The reinsurance business

Covéa Coopérations’ activities include:
– international inwards reinsurance, managed by the Group’s International Inwards Reinsurance Department;
– health and personal protection reinsurance in France, grouped within the Health and Personal Protection Inwards Reinsurance Department.

International inwards reinsurance

Covéa Coopérations’ business spans 31 countries. Its underwriting policy is based on the principle of continuity with the emphasis on medium and long-term relationships with rigorously selected partners and in tightly controlled market segments. The Property and Casualty division accounts for 65% of turnover. Underwriting is carried out directly with the ceding companies or through the main reinsurance brokers.

Health and Personal Protection inwards reinsurance

The Health and Personal Protection Inwards Reinsurance Department was created in January 2016 and has been developing its portfolio in a determined manner. It consolidated its first year of activity by setting up new partnerships and by strengthening its relationships with existing partnerships. It underwrites its business either directly with the ceding companies (insurance companies, mutual and provident institutions, both external and internal to the group) or through insurance and reinsurance brokers. All the risks covered are located in France.


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