MAAF : the customer preference

Faced with the challenges to be met, MAAF chooses The Customer Preference as a positioning. Mutualist and practical, it places customer at the core of its strategy.

« It is our aim to earn the customer preference, to ensure that customers come and stay with MAAF because we provide them with the best insurance experience. »
Stéphane Duroule MAAF Managing Director

Mutualist and practical

The Motor and Craftsman Mutual Insurance Company of France (MAAF) was created in 1950, in Niort, with the aim of offering craftsmen a joint economic mutual insurance solution for their business vehicles.

MAAF rapidly enjoyed considerable growth. It is extending its range of products and has abandoned the “Three A’s” concept (as the “A” of Automobile, or Motor, has become too limited).

More than 65 years later, MAAF’s original values and spirit are still evident. Guided by its mutualist approach and good sense, it has remained the historic insurer for craftsmen but its products now address all markets and cover all insurance fields :


  • Personal and Property
  • Professional Risk
  • Savings and Life insurance
  • Health and Personal Protection
  • Financial services
  • Assistance

MAAF fundamentals

  • Closeness

    With its branches, call agents, e-mail, website, etc., MAAF has set up an organisation and services providing suitable access and availability for those it insures, whenever and wherever they wish.

    As a result :
    – The « MAAF et Moi » (MAAF and I) app provides smartphone or tablet access to many services: tracking a pending claim, consulting one’s agreements or health refunds or being geolocated in the event of a breakdown or accident.
    – In France and abroad, MAAF Assistance responds at any time to provide a personalised solution for any degree of urgency.

    – MAAF offers all its business customers a dedicated phone line, ensuring rapid and detailed answers regardless of the reason for their call.

  • Simplicity

    MAAF emphasises the simplicity of its processes, the quality of the information it provides and its speed of response, particularly in the event of a claim – a truly key moment in the relationship between the insurer and the policyholder.

    As a result, the manager’s contact details and the policyholder’s file number are sent to the policyholder by SMS as rapidly as possible in the event of a claim. In general, every branch appointment with an advisor is confirmed by SMS.

    On too, MAAF members and customers have a secure space for consulting their agreements, performing simple transactions and reporting and tracking their claims.

  • Listening ability

    A clear illustration of its empathy and listening ability, MAAF continuously seeks to improve its customer satisfaction.

    MAAF also seeks to improve its organisation and services thanks to the positive and negative comments of its policyholders. Thanks to its customer feedback, MAAF has improved the following :
    – branch confidentiality,
    – interactive voice server services,
    – health service statement clarity.

  • Teaching

    MAAF continuously seeks to make its members and customers aware of risk management and control by explaining to them how their virtuous behaviour intrinsic to the brand’s practical mutualism helps to improve the quality and price competitiveness of the service. They are therefore the first to benefit.

    In health for example, MAAF, well aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle upon the health of its policyholders, provides them with various preventive measures with the help of clear and simple information: “nutrition programme”, “Assistant Air”, “AlcooTel”, etc.

  • Recognition

    The sincerity and personalised service provided to each policyholder helps to form a privileged and lasting relationship of trust between the company and its customers.

    MAAF is perfectly aware of the fact and rewards its policyholders through a win-win relationship.

    Through the “Bonus à Vie PRO” bonus, for example, Comprehensive Business policy holders with no claims for 10 years receive a 10% discount for life.

Key figures at 31 December 2017

  • 0
    members and customers
  • 0
    vehicles insured
  • 0
    homes insured
  • 0
    personal protection agreements
  • 0
    personal health beneficiaries
  • 0
    million euros
    of gross savings collected


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