GMF : the Human Insurer

GMF is the leading insurer for Public Servants and has helped them to anticipate and prevent the risks facing them in their personal and working lives and support them in case of disaster for more than 80 years.

« By taking out a policy with GMF, our members are buying more than an insurance agreement. They are choosing values dear to them and which they share with us, guaranteed to last by our brand. »
Edouard Vieillefond GMF Managing Director

The benchmark insurer for Public Servants

GMF, which was founded in 1934 by public officials for public officials, has always had close links with Public Servants and shares their common values of the public good and service.

GMF offers a comprehensive range of products providing the best possible assistance and protection at highly competitive prices :


  • Property Insurance (motor and home),
  • Savings and Life Insurance,
  • Health and Protection insurance,
  • Assistance and legal protection solutions.


GMF also offers special cover and services for Public Servants.

GMF, with Covéa’s support, formed a strategic partnership with the Unéo and MGP (Police General Mutual Insurance Fund) mutual insurance companies in 2016 to create Unéopôle, a social protection mutual insurance pole specifically for the Defence and Security community.

GMF fundamentals

  • Solidarity in acts

    GMF was formed in 1934 for the purpose of peer solidarity between public officials. Its mutual insurance model can also be seen in its corporate governance, in which its members are fully represented in the executive board.

    GMF demonstrates this solidarity through concrete actions :

    • For 20 years, the annual “Prix Hélioscope-GMF” (Hélioscope-GMF Award) has rewarded hospitals that have shown an outstanding example of cooperation between the hospital’s different departments or specialisations for the benefit of the sick.

    • Since 2000, the “Prix territoriaux” (territorial Awards) created by GMF and the Communes Gazette have rewarded actions by local authorities or public institutions to simplify the life of citizens.

    • The “GMF Solidarité” (GMF Solidarity) mutual assistance fund, which was created more than 40 years ago, is intended to help the members and their families in difficult situations. GMF Solidarité assists the disabled and the aged in particular. It extends its scope by financing preventive or research actions for the benefit of its members.

    • In partnership with the French National Parks as part of a patronage project on “Shared nature”, GMF helps to simplify access to nature for everyone, particularly the disabled, elderly and families. GMF also provides financial assistance for young people doing civil service work in national parks and supports biodiversity preservation operations.

    • For many years, GMF has been developing preventive tools specially designed to meet the requirements of Public Servants. As a result, GMF has notably produced a CD containing 10 testimonials by young people injured in road accidents to make schoolchildren aware of road safety. A teaching tool intended for teachers and all those involved in road safety. GMF has also designed software for use on its driving simulators to make all safety personnel aware of what to do in an emergency.

    • GMF leads more than 1,000 preventive actions directly aimed at its members in the field every year.

  • Closeness and commitment

    With more than 350 branches throughout France and some 600 call centre agents in 11 centres, all located in France, GMF shows its commitment to Public Servants through the accessibility, availability and professionalism of its teams. The considerable brand loyalty of its members shows their recognition of this commitment through their brand loyalty.

    GMF’s relational closeness can also be seen through its desire to advance the public service function by forming many partnerships with major governmental, hospital and local authority bodies as well as public companies :

    • As a historic partner of “UNAPEI” (the French National Union of Associations for Parents of Disabled Children), GMF contributes to actions assisting the mentally disabled. In 2017, the two partners launched an award to foster the provision of independent housing for the mentally disabled.

    • As a road accident prevention partner of the Paris Fire Brigade (BSPP) since 2015, GMF helps to train the brigade members and has provided the BSPP with a driving simulator equipped with software specially designed to familiarise them with driving emergency response vehicles in built-up areas.

    • In collaboration with “CLEMI (the French Focal Point for Education and the News Media), the body responsible for providing education on the media throughout the French educational system since 1983, GMF produces an annual educational brochure with the French title “Media and Information. We are learning!” for trainee teachers.

    • GMF has created a school challenge with the aim of publicising the chosen schools and professions of Public Service School students and promoting the values common all these Schools: commitment, responsibility and adaptability. GMF shares these values and launched its fourth edition in 2017 to support and reward the actions of future young public servants.

    • GMF also shows its lasting commitment by being the official insurer of the French national rugby team and a historic partner of the game for more than 30 years. This natural relationship’s origins lie in their common values of solidarity, respect and commitment.

  • Service and innovation

    By proposing products and services increasingly suited to the specific requirements of its members, the GMF aims to attract and convince Public Servants:

    • GMF has extended its points of contact with customers by creating a customer service on Twitter, @ConseillerGMF. This account enables existing and future customers to request information and leave comments.

    • The GMF Auto Pass agreement now includes two simple and truly innovative guarantees. The “Mobility” option protects policyholders when they hire a vehicle from a hire company, individual or car-share company. The “Hire” option protects policyholders when they hire a vehicle from an individual.

    • In 2015, GMF also opened its online training portal, “J’” (“I succeed/insure on MOOC”). A MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) platform providing free online courses for all. The first subject was “Réussir son projet immobilier” (Ensure your property project’s success) and the second, in 2016, was “Lépargne” (Savings). Notably the Account Units, a technical subject covered in a fun and educational way. More than 4,000 Internet users have registered on the “Jassure en MOOC” platform.

    • Since 2016, convinced of the Waze accident prevention and road safety application’s usefulness, GMF provides users with suitable advice in real time.

Key figures at 31 December 2017

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    members and customers
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    vehicles insured
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    homes insured
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    protection insurance agreements
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    in health insurance
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    billion euros
    of gross savings collected


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