Affiliated provident societies and mutual insurance companies

Expert in Property and Casualty insurance in the western region of France, Le Finistère Assurance is one of the founding mutuals of the Covéa group. In Health and Death/Disability insurance collectives, we have chosen to draw on the expertise of two recognised players: APGIS and SMI.

Le Finistère Assurance, insurer of the western region of France

Located in Quimper, Brittany, for more than 140 years, Le Finistère Assurance is affiliated to Covéa since the creation of the group. It stands as a human scale structure, convivial and dynamic, providing various types of contracts.

Home insurance, multi-risk agricultural insurances, guarantees for different kinds of professional activities (craftsmen, merchants, farmers, campsites…), boat insurance, multi-risk for associations and musical instruments… are flexible and adaptable guarantees that the company provides to its customers of the western region of France.

Proud of its regional identity and possessing a strong mutualist spirit, Le Finistère Assurance is a real network of local branches offering advice and custom-made support.

Its engagements are of three kinds: simplicity, loyalty and reactivity. In case of a problem, the firm promises to react quickly proposing concrete and appropriate solutions.

As part of Covéa, Le Finistère Assurance contributes to: insure financial solidity between mutuals, share its resources and expertise, and pool some cost centers.

APGIS : social protection for branches and key accounts

APGIS, which was created in 1975 and has been affiliated to the Covéa group since October 2011, is a joint death/disability insurance institution. Approved by the French Social Security Code, it insures and manages corporate and employee health and death/disability insurance protection.

Its 300 employees are responsible for the collective schemes taken out by companies on behalf of their employees for health and death/disability expenses: death (death capital), education income, spousal income, cessation of work and invalidity.

APGIS has recognised legitimacy within the occupational fields, with 12 sectoral insurance agreements (the schemes are the result of negotiations between social partners under collective agreements).

Its professionalism is also evident with key accounts such as Carrefour, Sanofi, JC Decaux, AFPA, etc.

APGIS contributes greatly to our collective social protection development through its singular model :

  • MAAF and MMA distribute standard products that are jointly insured and managed by APGIS (“Façonnables” (Fashionable) for MAAF, and “Affipro” for MMA), thereby building up fire, accident and sundry risk customer loyalty ;
  • APGIS relies on the MAAF and MMA networks to address companies in its recommended fields ;
  • it also pursues its own growth.

Therefore, APGIS aligns its strategy with that of the Covéa Group while also managing its own growth and investments. It is driven by strong values : co-determination, paying close attention to its customers and solidarity.

SMI : mutual above all

SMI (the Interprofessional Mutual Insurance Company), which was created in 1926 and has been a Covéa Group affiliate since 2013, is a mutual insurance company with 194 employees and specialises in providing collective personal insurance.

SMI offers a wide range of Health, Death/Disability, Savings, Pension and Dependent insurance products and protects 664,000 people, directly or under licence. It also insures several professional fields.

SMI has been a supplementary health insurance provider for more than 80 years, carries out death/disability and mutual assistance actions and provides personal risk prevention and protection in line with its mutual insurance model..

For Covéa, SMI helps to control health expenses and management fees, notably through its desire to make everyone a health player. This is a particularly precious asset in controlling the social security deficit.

SMI adopts a specialist custom approach to creating a personalised and upgradable collective scheme for each subscribing company.


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