Claims management

When an accident occurs, we help our policyholders by offering them our risk expertise in order to best meet their needs.

« Our policy is guided by two main principles: cost control to improve performance and our ability to offer our policyholders a different kind of experience. »

Informed employees

Covéa’s employees are trained to listen to our policyholders and offer them the best solutions. From the first contact, we strive to create a relationship of trust and closeness. Our claims managers analyse each situation to provide the most appropriate response.

Our members and customers can count on the quality of our networks of experts, doctors and partners. These networks improve the flow of a procedure that could be long and tedious. They simplify the management and stakeholders to help policyholders save time and provide them with a personalised response.

In addition, during major events like natural disasters, we mobilise our teams to ensure the shortest claim processing time and the most effective support.

Digital technology for better prevention

Increasingly, we are bridging digital technology and prevention to better serve our policyholders. For example, for the climate events in the summer of 2016, we launched prevention campaigns by sending more than 210,000 text messages to our policyholders in areas threatened by floods. This information is always relayed on Facebook and Twitter.

Innovative services

Mindful of the digitisation of our society and customers’ expectations, we are developing digital products to continuously improve claims management :

  • CovéaLink : a robot that assists victims of serious injury accidents. Since 2015, we have been able to offer telepresence robots to victims of bodily injury accidents. These robots help people maintain social contact and prevent the isolation, dropping out of school or loss of employment that all too often follow a serious physical trauma.
  • SelfCar[e] : this application was developed to help our policyholders save time in case of an auto accident. Using their smartphone, they can take “standardised” photos of the damage. These photos are then sent to the authorised repairer, who draws up the estimate and validates the file. This means that policyholders only need to make one trip, when they take their car in for repair.

Employees in the Group’s Compensation Department plan ahead for the repairs so that our members and customers more easily understand the consequences of an accident.

Get to know CESVI France : our auto expert

CESVI France is a research and training techno-centre for the auto insurance industry. It focuses its research on making auto repair innovative and effective. It also trains our networks of experts, repairers, panel beaters and mechanics in the most advanced repair methods. Crash tests are also conducted regularly to estimate the cost of repairs and ensure that rates are as accurate as possible.


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