Assistance represents the moment of truth for an insurance policy. We have introduced a number of innovations to best meet the needs of our members and customers.

« Our goal is to provide the best customer service on the market by transcending, at the forefront of the digital revolution, the traditional boundaries between assistance and insurance. »
Antoine Ermeneux Fidélia Assistance Managing Director

We listen to you and assist you

Our expertise in assistance enables us to support our members and customers at the time of an accident. We strive to provide them with appropriate responses when they are faced with a difficult situation.

Our employees assist our members and customers 24/7, in France and abroad, in a caring, attentive way. We know that assistance plays an important role when an accident has occurred, which is why the Group’s goal is to strengthen its service by providing “augmented assistance” by 2020.

Mindful of the increasingly diversified needs of our policyholders, Covéa’s goal is to transcend the traditional boundaries between assistance and insurance. At the forefront of the digital revolution, we are developing custom applications and services in line with the requirements of our members and customers. We introduced a one-of-a-kind service on the assistance market: ILLI’cars. This service allows policyholders to obtain their replacement vehicle wherever they choose, including at the accident site. This innovation offers members a convenient solution that allows them to go on with their daily activities.

In fact, guaranteeing our policyholders and customers practical – and at times psychological – support is our primary objective. During major events like natural disasters, we implement an emergency system with mobile units to establish contact and study all aspects of claim admission. We arrive on the scene as quickly as possible when a risk event occurs.

Key figures at 31 December 2017

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    increase in the assistance activity
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    increase in claims assistance


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