Asset management

Our experts anticipate all scenarios and use their expertise to guarantee a return on investment on €107 billion.

Making finance work for insurance

Although the men and women at Covéa Finance and Covéa Real Estate have performance objectives, the risks they can take are first measured and discussed by the teams in the Investments Department based on the specific requirements of our insurance business. That is why they never use booster products: all our investments are conventional and do not carry major risk.

In 2016, when euphoria was spreading across the stock market and intensifying in the real estate market, our experts stuck to their rigorous scenario. Covéa Finance’s managers chose to implement only one-fourth of the stock purchase programme approved by the Group, while Covéa Immobilier finalised two acquisitions that were fully in line with their portfolio strategy.

Financial asset management

Covéa Finance manages Covéa’s portfolio. France’s 10th largest asset management company*, Covéa Finance is known and recognised throughout the finance world, with €97.9 billion in assets under management. It makes its choices independently and focuses on long-term performance. Thanks to the work of its integrated research teams, the company has an analysis capability that enables it to anticipate changes in its environment. Its corporate philosophy puts risk control at the forefront of its employees’ minds.

Our Group is able to maintain extremely dynamic financial management thanks to the unrealised capital gains accumulated when the market was very weak. This gives us the ability to withstand shocks and now allows us to take on more risks than other players, thereby generating performance despite an unfavourable environment.


* At 31 décembre 2015, AFG source

Property asset management

Covéa Immobilier handles property asset management for the entire Group. It manages €4.9 billion in assets and is a leading player with a firm footing on the market. 99% of our investment properties are located in Paris and the Paris region. Commercial properties make up 61% of the assets and residential properties 39%.


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