Protect you

As an insurer, our two priorities are to control the risks and provide the best support to our members.

Our major purpose

  • The best insurance experience

    We keep listening to civil society and stay aware of its progress. We develop tools that make your day-to-day life easier and provide offers and services at reasonable prices all year round. We are a Group involved in simplifying insurance for you.

  • The prevention of climate risks

    We develop innovative prevention tools to cope with bad weather conditions and drought. We give our policyholders live information when an extreme event occurs. We stand by your side to prevent climate risks and reduce their impact.

  • The prevention of domestic risks

    Domestic risks are a major social and economic issue. Covéa has thus joined forces with Vérisure and Saretec to give birth to the Observatory of households' safey (OSF). The purpose ? Alert French people and help cut down the number of accidents.

  • Our brands committed to road safety

    Traffic accidents remain one the leading causes of death in France. Crash tests, awareness-raising campaigns in schools, web series, videos in partnership with influencers... MAAF, MMA and GMF have been involved for years and take numerous initiatives.

  • Consideration of emerging risks

    New uses, development of new technologies, major changes in mobility... as an insurer, we have to evolve constantly. Covéa is actively working for a better comprehension of emerging risks, such as, for example, cyber-security risk.

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