Promoting diversity

We encourage diversity of profiles and experiences. Drawing on our mutual tradition, we combat all forms of inequality and discrimination.

A proactive policy

Covéa's diversity policy is based on equal opportunity and equal treatment in access to jobs, career paths and the day-to-day work environment.

It aims to preserve or restore equality between individuals regardless of their geographic, socio-cultural or religious origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

In 2016, we created a Group structure dedicated to promoting diversity. It implements the major themes of diversity, equal opportunity and the prevention of discrimination.

In 2017, to favour recognition of all talents, without distinction, we signed the Diversity Charter, a symbol of an active and determined commitment to promoting diversity and preventing discrimination.


of the total workforce are women at 31/12/2020.


of managers are
women at 31/12/2020.


of senior managers are women at 31/12/2020.

Our commitments

  • Make equal opportunity a reality: for Covéa, promoting diversity is a point of particular attention when it comes to recruitment. By signing the "Pact for the equal treatment of job applicants, regardless of origin" Covéa has shown its commitment to combating discrimination in its recruitment process.
  • Fight all forms of discrimination: In 2020, Covéa took the initiative of providing financial support and establishing a partnership with la Fondation des Femmes, a women's foundation that aids women who have been victims of violence. We are also partners of the association NQT (Nos Quartiers ont des Talents) and, every year since 2015, Group managers have been committed to supporting young graduates from disadvantaged backgrounds in their job search.
  • Gender equality in the workplace: In May 2018, Covéa signed the first Group agreement on gender equality in the workplace.
  • Changing the corporate attitude to parenthood: by adhering to the Parenthood Charter in June 2017, Covéa committed to taking high-profile, practical steps to promote parenthood as a means of increasing gender equality in the work place.
  • Promoting women's careers: the Cov&elles women's network encourages Covéa’s women employees to play an active role in their careers because, although they account for a majority of the Group's total workforce, they represent only one third of senior managers. This network now counts more than 400 women volunteers from middle, senior and top management throughout France.

Video: Covéa, partner of the Women's Foundation (French version)

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