Covéa’s disability initiative

The long-term integration of and preservation of jobs for people with disabilities are a central part of the Group's HR policy.

Disability Agreement

On 12 January 2018, Covéa drew up a disability agreement that was approved by Direccte, (Directions régionales des entreprises, de la concurrence, de la consommation, du travail et de l’emploi - Regional Department of Enterprise, Competition, Consumer Affairs, Labour and Employment)

Signed for three years, this agreement demonstrates the Group's commitment to hiring and maintaining employment for people with disabilities. It is structured around five major areas:

  • Hiring and continuing employment of employees with disabilities;
  • Recruiting and integration of 120 new employees by 2020 (including a minimum of 30 permanent contracts);
  • Tailored training plan;
  • Internal awareness-raising and communication through a disability network with initiatives to be developed with Group employees;
  • Working with the sheltered and adapted employment sector.

Covéa’s Disability Initiative is responsible for converting this policy into actions and coordinating them for the entire group.

Recruiting talent

At Covéa, all recruitment is carried out on a same qualifications basis. We actively apply inclusion measures and, as a disability-friendly company, all our job offers, whether fixed-term, permanent, work-study or internship, are explicitly open to people with disabilities.


permanent hires of people with disabilities in 2019.


Employment rate of people with disabilities at 31/12/2019.


Employment rate in the sheltered and adapted employment sector at 31/12/2019.

Assistance and continued employment

Covéa’s Disability Initiative actively assists employees with disabilities and helps them to remain in employment, through adjustments at both workstation and organisational levels.

This assistance also draws on the support of a network of internal partners (workplace accident prevention and health services, real estate, IT and purchasing departments, etc.) and external advisors (Cap Emploi, ergonomics specialists, Agefiph, Direccte).

The Disability Initiative currently supports nearly 1,000 disabled employees within the Covéa Group.

Employee training

Ensuring that all employees with disabilities have access to training and professional development, whatever their situation, is a major issue for Covéa.

To promote the employability of people with disabilities within the Group, we provide priority access to training to all the employees concerned.

In addition, all the staff involved in the employment of people with disabilities benefit from special training (managers, HR staff, etc.).

Drawing on the sheltered and adapted employment sector

The Group uses companies from the sheltered and adapted employment sector, which employs disabled people – or those temporarily or permanently excluded from traditional companies – a professional activity adjusted according to their needs and abilities.

Video: Committed for our employees (French version)

Foundations and partnerships

  • Tous Hanscène®: for the second year running in 2020, Covéa partnered the Tous HanScène® student disability video contest, organised by the association TREMPLIN Etudes-Handicap-Entreprises.  
  • Fondation MAAF Initiatives et Handicap: created in 1998, this foundation supports and finances innovative projects to improve the daily lives of people with disabilities. Through its actions, MAAF shows that the insurance business can take a proactive approach to disability.
  • Fondation MMA Solidarité: created in 1983 under the aegis of Fondation de France, this foundation has backed more than 2,000 projects that have helped nearly 20,000 people with disabilities.
  • Prix UNAPEI: through its partnership with UNAPEI, GMF supports and encourages initiatives carried out by member associations (accessibility of public places, schooling, work assistance, etc.), organises road safety awareness initiatives and creates tailor-made policies at preferential rates for employees and member families.
  • GMF Solidarité: created more than 40 years ago, the GMF Solidarité mutual aid fund is designed to help members and their families in difficult situations. In particular, GMF Solidarité provides support and care for the disabled and the elderly. It is broadening its scope of action by financing preventive or research initiatives in the interest of its customers.