Equal opportunities

Promoting equality, the return to personal independence and professional integration, and combating all forms of discrimination... We seek to ensure a world where each person has or can find their place.

For a more inclusive society

  • People with disabilities

    As the leading property insurance company in France, particularly in the automotive sector, we are committed to helping our seriously injured policyholders regain their autonomy and successfully complete their life projects. Covéa has thus become a major player in disability, with foundations and mutual assistance funds borne by the MAAF, MMA and GMF brands, the “Disability Mission” deployed internally, as well as a major sponsorship partnership with the Clinatec research centre.

  • Promoting diversity

    To contribute to the behavioural changes needed for acceptance of all differences and talents, we take action in favour of gender equality, in particular through our Cov&elles network. We also promote the inclusion and employability of vulnerable people. We fight all forms of discrimination, as evidenced by our partnerships with the “Fondation des Femmes” (women’s foundation) and “Nos quartiers ont des talents” (our neighbourhoods have talent).

Last publications

2020 Covéa integrated report

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Covéa signs the Principles for Responsible Investment supported by the United Nations

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