Our CSR commitment

At Covéa, we endeavour to help everyone move towards a world of sustainable growth. And, every day, we work to give you proof of this.

Our social impact

We endeavour to have a stronger, more inclusive and more concrete social impact. This goal can be seen in concrete actions that cover five fields selected according to our legitimacy as a mutual insurer. Mutual and committed.

Equal opportunities

Promoting a more inclusive society by supporting the return to autonomy, through actions in favour of employability and by combating any form of discrimination... We seek to ensure a world where each person has or can find their place.


Giving access to and passing on knowledge to as many people as possible through an ecosystem of partnerships that promotes education and culture, particularly among the most vulnerable populations... We seek to ensure a world with no exclusion of knowledge.

Local territories

Encouraging local economic dynamism, contributing to the development of social ties and the reduction of geographical divides, acting to maintain all forms of proximity... We seek to ensure a world that energises its territories.


Preventing risks linked to mobility, health, private or professional life, and financing research to anticipate new public health, technological and climate risks... We seek to ensure a world that protects against life risks.

The environment

Playing a part in the transition to a more sustainable social model by reducing our environmental footprint, prioritising impact investment and raising awareness among our policyholders... We seek to ensure a world that controls its environmental impact.

Our responsibility

Be a corporate citizen by complying with the regulations in force, by giving a preference in our purchases and investments to partners that respect our values and our choices of social commitment, and by remaining attentive to all our stakeholders.

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