Accelerate innovation

We develop the services of the future thanks to our support for research as well as our collective knowledge.

The future gets insured differently

  • Our support for research

    Partner of Clinatec, a biomedical research center, or active member of the "Blockchain for Smart Transactions" project, Covéa takes numerous initiatives for a better anticipation of changes in consumer behaviour and insurable assets.

  • Involved in French Tech

    Through its MMA brand, Covéa is a partner of the Le Mans Tech association, part of the #Cleantech #Mobility network of French Tech . The Group is also a member of Niort Tech, spear head of the French InsurTech initiative, via MAAF.

  • Collective knowledge

    Co-development, a peer coaching process, and Covéa Campus, our corporate university, contribute to the Group's collective momentum. Covéa is also a member of the ESSEC chair in managerial innovation.

  • Our innovation news

    Our investment in research and development and our commitment to support innovative and collective experimentations are reflected in decisions, actions and events that we report back to you on a daily basis.

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