Our indicators and key figures

The Covéa Group is the French leader in property and casualty insurance, and one of the leading insurance groups in Europe.

Financial situation and activity

As the French leader in property and casualty insurance, the Covéa Group is a major figure in insurance in Europe, with more than 11 million customers, mainly in France and the United Kingdom.

The Group’s very good financial strength enables it to conduct diversified activity in all kinds of businesses.

The Group’s four flagship brands - MAAF, MMA and GMF and PartnerRe - have balanced customer portfolios and are backed by a diverse range of distribution networks.


Million members
and customers were
insured by Covéa as at
31 December 2021.


Billion euros in premiums were collected in 2021 (€17.1 billion in France).


Million euros
of net income
(Group share) in 2021.


Covéa is the leading property and casualty insurer in France.


It's the number of
our brands MAAF,
MMA and GMF points
of sale in France.


It's the number of
the Covéa Group
employees, including
21,000 based in France.


Billion euros of
equity as at
31 December 2021.

351 %

It's the Group’s
solvency ratio as at
31 December 2021.


Billion euros of
market value for our
financial assets as at
31 December 2021.

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