Our specialist companies

Covéa group's expertise extends to the fields of assistance, asset management, legal protection and affinity partnerships.

Strategic specialist areas

  • Covéa Immobilier

    Covéa Immobilier is a recognised stakeholder in its business sector that provides real estate serving insurance, combining asset valuation with environmental commitment.

  • Fidélia Assistance

    Fidélia, the Group’s assistance company, provides day-to-day assistance for all our members and customers and brings them effective solutions.

  • Covéa Finance

    Covéa Finance aims at ensuring lasting performance thanks to its risk management know-how. This recognised expertise is highly useful in the insurance industry.

  • Covéa Protection Juridique

    Covéa Protection Juridique is Covéa Group’s legal protection and information company. It is a leader in the retail and professional markets.

  • Covéa Affinity

    Covéa Affinity is Covéa group's entity specialised in affinity insurance partnerships, such as with the car industry. It is a market leader for nearly 40 years.


Million euros of investment asset managed by Covéa Immobilier at 2019/12/31.


Million customers insured by Covéa Protection Juridique at 2019/12/31.


Million euros turnover generated by Covéa Affinity in 2019.

Affiliated mutual insurance companies

Le Finistère Assurance, insurer of the western region of France

Located in Quimper, Brittany, for more than 140 years, Le Finistère Assurance stands as a human scale structure providing various types of contracts: home insurance, multi-risk agricultural insurances, multi-risk insurances for professional activities, boat insurance, multi-risk for associations, etc.

APGIS: social protection for branches and key accounts

APGIS, affiliated to Covéa group since October 2011, is a joint death/disability insurance institution. Approved by the French Social Security Code, it insures and manages corporate and employee health and death/disability insurance protection.

SMI: mutual above all

SMI (Interprofessional Mutual Insurance Company), which was created in 1926 and has been a Covéa Group affiliate since 2013, is a mutual insurance company that offers a wide range of health, death/disability, savings, pension and dependent insurance products.

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