GMF, assuredly human

True to its mutualist commitments, for more than 85 years GMF has accompanied the public service agents that work daily to make society more human.

The leading insurer for public servants

Founded in 1934 by civil servants for civil servants, GMF has always maintained close ties with civil servants.

Sharing common values of solidarity and responsibility with them, it supports them in their personal and professional lives: personal and property insurance, savings and life insurance, health and personal protection, assistance and legal protection solutions, etc. A long-term commitment that has enabled GMF to become the leading insurer for civil servants.

Firmly rooted in its mutualist origins, GMF, together with Unéo and MGP, created Unéopôle in 2016, the first mutual social protection centre dedicated to the "Defence and Security" community.

Deeply committed to the collective good, GMF supports numerous solidarity actions and initiatives by civil servants and those who dedicate their lives to those of others.

Everything you need to know about GMF


Million members and customers at the end of March 2020.

21 years

is the average loyalty of GMF members.


Advisers and
telephone advisers,
all based in France.

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