Our brands

MAAF, MMA and GMF are aknowledged and complementary brands that make Covéa the insurer of one household out of three in France.

10.5 million members and customers in France

MAAF: the Customer Preference

MAAF chooses the Customer Preference as a positioning. Mutualist and practical, it places customer at the core of its strategy.

MMA: the insurance entrepreneurs

MMA assists those who adopt an entrepreneurial approach to meet their professional and personal challenges.

GMF: the human insurer

A trust relationship and a high level of commitment make GMF the leading insurer of public servants.


Million vehicles, 2.7 million homes and 3.8 million customers insured by MAAF.


It's MMA's ranking on the professional and corporate insurance market in France.


It's the amount in billion euros of GMF's gross fiancial savings inflows at 31/12/2018.

Last publications

2019 MAAF business report (French version)

.pdf | 2 Mo


2019 MMA business report

.pdf | 2 Mo


2019 GMF business report (French version)

.pdf | 2 Mo


2019 Covéa integrated report

.pdf | 10 Mo


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