Our values

In keeping with our mutualist values, we commit ourselves every day with and for our members.

Spread throughout France, our 21,000 employees accompany our policyholders at every stage of their lives and projects. They are mobilised for the people always at the heart of our actions and concerns: our members. They embody and put into action the values conveyed by the entire Group: human commitment, proximity, solidarity, responsibility and the search for progress.

Human commitment

Available and attentive, our teams work every day for our policyholders. In good times, but also in the most difficult ones.

For example, during major weather events, we deploy mobile response units. Dedicated employees travel to the site to back up the local teams and trucks are installed as close as possible to the disaster areas to help our members and guide them in their procedures. Psychological units are also set up to offer specific support.

Another example of this commitment is the role of our networks of bodily injury claims adjusters who help policyholders who are victims of serious accidents to rebuild their life plans.


With nearly 2,500 points of sale throughout France, we have made proximity a reality.

In our branches, online or by telephone thanks to our telephone relations centres based exclusively in France, everything is done to stay as close as possible to our members.

The Group also maintains close ties with the regions since it has always maintained its historical local roots, with sites in Chartres (28), Ermont (95), Le Mans (72), Niort (79), Saran (45), Strasbourg (67), etc. This presence makes Covéa an economic player in the regions and a driver of the dynamism of local employment areas.


Showing solidarity with our members, employees and society at large is the very essence of our mission.

Our brands have stepped up their initiatives in favour of disabled people, in particular through their foundations and the various partnerships they have formed. Internally, Covéa's Disabilities Initiative was created specifically to ensure access to and continued employment for employees with disabilities.

A strong commitment by the Group, which fights every day against all forms of discrimination and all forms of violence, and more particularly those committed to women, reflected in the partnership signed in 2019 with the Women's Foundation.


Every day, our members renew their trust in us by entrusting us with their protection, as well as that of their loved ones and property.

To live up to this responsibility and fully assume it, we have a long-term vision. This approach, combined with our financial solvency, offers additional guarantees and security to our policyholders, employees and partners.

As players in risk prevention, we work on a daily basis, with each of our brands, to raise awareness and educate our public, particularly with regard to road safety: crash tests, interventions in schools, information tours during festivals, dedicated websites, etc. Covéa is also a founding member of the Observatoire de la Sécurité des Foyers, a think tank on safety in the home.

Striving for progress

In a society that is evolving ever more rapidly and adopting new uses, the contours of our business are being redesigned in line with the changes in insurable risks.

Constantly seeking progress, Covéa puts a lot of energy and resources into developing innovative tools. In particular in the area of climate risk management, with the in-house development of the Conventéo and Covisiomap geospatial-intelligence solutions.

We also support many external initiatives focused on major societal developments, such as Unir and Le Mans Tech, which focus on the future of mobility. This investment and curiosity also enable us to adapt our insurance policies (guarantees adapted to collective uses, prevention and management of cyber risk for companies, etc.).

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