About Covéa

The oldest of our founding mutuals celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2019. Our governance has gradually evolved in line with our transformation into a single enterprise. Our strategy, which is inspired by our mutualist values, delivers on the ambitions of a leading group that is mobile and committed.

At all times, all the time

  • Our history

    From the birth of Assurances
    Mutuelles de France in 1819
    to the adoption of a harmonised
    employment status in 2017, two
    centuries of history gaze down
    upon us...

  • Our governance

    The Executive Committee is
    Covéa’s central operational body.
    SGAM Covéa, the Group’s parent
    company, is administered by a
    Board of Directors.

  • Our values

    Every day, observing mutualist
    values, our employees throughout
    France work hard both with and
    for our members.

  • Our strategy

    What are our strategic priorities?
    To strengthen our leadership,
    pursue our transformation and
    engage with our policyholders,
    our staff and society.


the year in which
SGAM Covéa was formed,
a first in France.


the number of Covéa
employees in France.

53.8 %

the percentage of
executive positions
held by women
within the Group.

Latest publications

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