Cookie management

When you browse our websites or apps, cookies are placed on your device. A cookie is a file that collects information about your browsing: it records when you log on. These files can be stored on any type of device connected to the Internet such as your computer, tablet or smartphone. We use different types of cookies. Technical cookies: we place so-called "technical" cookies on your device that are necessary for the provision of the services you request on our site or app. This type of cookie is essential to ensure the proper functioning of our website or app and to guarantee the security of your browsing. These are, for example, “session ID” cookies or cookies that enable the display to be adapted to the specifics of your browser. Browser tracking cookies: subject to your agreement, we also use cookies to track your browsing.

These cookies serve the following purposes:

Statistics and audience measurement cookies: these cookies enable us and our partners to measure and analyse the audience for our content and to produce statistics in order to improve the quality of our services and optimise your browsing.

Customisation cookies: these cookies allow us and our partners to customise the content we offer to suit your needs, for example the language used or the type of browser.

Advertising cookies: these cookies, alone or combined with other collected data, enable us and our partners to analyse your interests or needs in order to show you relevant advertisements or to offer you personalised offers or services. Disabling these types of cookies does not mean that you will no longer receive advertising, only that it will no longer be personalised.

Social media cookies: these cookies allow us to share our content on social media by linking them to your user account using the share buttons.